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NEW ALBUM TITLE, COVER & TRACKLIST REVEALED!!! Release date set for the beginning of 2015.




1. Catacombs of Pandemonium

2. Necro Speed Megalomania

3. Final Opression

4. Blood for the Countess

5. Hell Commando

6. Dawn of the Pentagram

7. Graveyard Witch

8. Atomic Overload

9. Church of Sodomy


Cover by Marko Danilović Tihi

Eyeandeye Studio

[email protected]



Recording lineup:


Pentagramator - Vocals / Guitars

B.B.K. Necro Doctor - Bass

Butcher - Drums


Out on CD / LP by Deathrune Records in 2015



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Aha, gitarista bio ljubomoran što pevač peva u Gorgorothu, pa srao nešto za njega kod nekih pičaka, onda ovaj napustio bend ali nije hteo da dozvoli da nastave pod istim imenom, ali gitarista isto kao Gilmour odjebao to i nastavio...

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Mixing and mastering process of "UNDER THE UNHOLY COMMAND" has now been fully completed! New album will be out on CD and VINYL through Deathrune Records in 2015! Stay tuned for more info!




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"IN THE NAME OF HELL" MCD out in January 2018 on Dying Victims Productions!!!


1. The Omen

2. Riding on a Devil's Storm

3. The Powers of Darkness

4. Hell Metal

5. Black Terror (Korrozia Metalla cover)


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