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2015.08.03. *KC Grad, Beograd* Rosetta, Tethyal


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"ROSETTA is serious music made by unserious people. Having lasted through twelve years, hundreds of shows in over 20 countries, and the world’s worst vans, the same four people are still looking for the intersection of heavy and beautiful — and getting grumpier in the process. Pushing back against the relentless compartmentalizing and niche-marketing of ‘independent’ music, Rosetta asks: what if instead of calming down, musicians got darker, meaner, and more confrontational as they got older? Taking cues from noisy 90s hardcore, sludge metal, ambient, and Fugazi’s cranky DIY ethos, they’re answering that question as loudly as possible"




Bend uveliko radi na novom albumu, a nedavno je premijeru imao i dokumentarni film o ovom sastavu pod naslovom Rosetta: Audio/Visual u režiji Justin Jackson-a.



Domaća podrška: novosadski sastav Tethyal.




Last.fm event


Facebook event

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We’re very happy to announce that our new full-length album, titled Quintessential Ephemera, will be available in late June/early July. This is our first record as a five-piece, with Eric Jernigan (City of Ships) on guitar and vocals. It was recorded and mixed at Machines With Magnets (Battles, The Body, Braveyoung) in Providence, and mastered by Colin Marston (of Gorguts, Krallice, Dysrhythmia) at The Thousand Caves in New York.

Quintessential Ephemera is both existential and deeply hopeful. It has some of our most moody work to date, but has an upward force to it that delivers an appropriate counterpoint to the darkness and nihilism of The Anaesthete.


For people who like physical media, we are extremely pleased to be partnering with four labels to bring you worldwide CD/LP releases at the same time as the digital download:

Golden Antenna Records will release CD and 2xLP versions in Europe

Init Records will release a CD version in North America

Tokyo Jupiter Recordings will release an extended CD version in Japan

War Crime Recordings will release a 2xLP version in North America

As with The Anaesthete, Quintessential Ephemera will be available as a pay-what-you-wish digital download directly from the band, via our Bandcamp page. You won’t find it on other digital platforms; this will be the single, exclusive mode of digital distribution, worldwide. We believe strongly that this model is the future of music distribution, and is the most direct way for bands to get music into the hands of listeners.

Excited for everyone to hear it!

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Ovo bi trebalo da pokida uživo, mada koliko vidim ne sviraju ništa sa Gallelian Satellites.


Jedna od setlista:


A Determinism of Morality


Myo / The Miraculous


Je N'en Connais Pas la Fin

Hara / The Center


Oku / The Secrets

Ryu / Tradition

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ne sviraju satelite jos od kad su wake/lift izbacili, kao smorio ih ceo taj material, a sta bih dao da opale europa ili departe uzivo.


nadam se da nece svirati previse pesama sa ovog poslednjeg albuma koji je po meni bio bas zaboravan.

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Pretprodaja karata po early bird ceni od samo 1000 dinara počinje u sredu, 17. juna na šanku KC Grad. Za one koji žive VAN Beograda otvorena je adresa [email protected] preko koje možete izvršiti rezervaciju ulaznica po ceni od 1200 dinara koliko će koštati u redovnoj prodaji. U pismu obavezno navesti ime, prezime, količinu karata i broj mobilnog. Na dan koncerta cena je 1500...

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