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tema za pedere i dukatlije (random)

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daj neki minus onda....

Mita je deo Mislimo-da-smo-mnogo-kul-ako-slušamo-i-metal-ali-i-narodnjake-ložimo-se-na-Baju-Malog-Knindžu-i-idemo-po-kafanama® Crew.

upravo mi je greskom stigao neverovatan sms izgleda od neke zene koja pljuje muza, frapirao sam se, ovo mora da postoji na jumetalu.   ''Ti to sto mi jebes kod toga si i posao moje sve su nasa deca.

...i realize however that this is impractical and it would be awkward if everybody ran into each other later at the grocery store or something. it is hard to be truly black when shopping for groceries,


there is a closeup of a human eyeball on the screen and then a closeup of a goat. then the screen goes black and the music starts. then the viewer is left to wonder what happened. they cannot handle it.


..You will be dissapointed if you belive he is black. He is NOT!!



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ахахахахаххха ахахах ахахах!!!

"i gotta go, my mom needs the computer."

"last saturday i had a party and she couldn't say shit even if i was playing burzum on full volume or something. i went up to the kitchen to get some orange juice and she asked me to turn it down and i said no. let's see you try that shit."

"i'm sorry for not sending you any new mp3's. since our last correspondence, i fired everyone in the band and got in a huge fight with my mom so she wouldn't let me hold auditions in the basement for like a month until i did some bullshit around the house for her."

"i shall rape the new age."

"lance, you must become more extreme." then he had to go because his mom needed the phone or something...

и тако даље... јбте, комшија, ово је класик јебени, суво злато.

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HAhaha...ako je neko gledao oceanov sajt ladno tamo stoji rider,postavka zvuka koju zele pre koncerta,i postavka svetla...hahahaha...najebao si budo ovaj rider je pregrozan...i ne piju pivo..kakav je to bend :(


8.) Grinding Tool

• Our percussionist uses a grinding tool as a musical instrument. This means that sparks can be flying

across the stage. Don't worry, but do what is necessary to match your VDE precepts...






Muzicki ocean mi nikada nije bio neki bend...ali sam koncept benda...plus sta sve rade uzivo..ako ovaj cert stvarno uspe ovo ce da bude stvarno nezaboravno iskustvo...

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