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tema za pedere i dukatlije (random)


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nijedna tema osim ove ne bi bila prikladna niti bi je igde mogao klasifikovati, samo ovde


btw slusam kruger novi, lepo zvuci svidja mi se, ima malo knut prizvuka i zapao mi lyrics za uvo iz pesme herbivores:


Look at all those hipsters

Eating right from the trees

Look at the skinny suckers

Always shitting flabby


I won't eat no damn thing

That can't previously walk

I need food providing

Decent nutricious facts



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Venom is weak. Everything about them is weak. They can’t even play. They had a bunch of roadies to do everything. Weak, weak, weak. I would love to play with fucking “heavy metal” bands more often. It was fun crushing them. It’s all lights and makeup. What bullshit. Venom suck. They are so full of shit. What a bad joke. They don’t sweat and they probably don’t even fuck.

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Fantastična pričica :haha:


Ovde sam se upišao:


The guitar player, Mantas, kept playing these cheesy metal leads and then pointing at the crowd making evil possessed grimaces to let them know he was at war with Satan.


Rollins, Cel and I drew pentagrams and 666 on the palms of our hands like Richard Ramirez and flashed them at the band members so they could see that we too were at war with Satan.


:haha: :haha:

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Koliko je mocan :haha:


E, sad sam se razocarao, ne jebe u lajv nastupu. Al' dobro, napredovace, he came along waaayyyiyiyiyiii


We're changin' day to day,

But tell me,

Where do the children play?


Slusas Jusufa Islama batice? A?

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