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80's electro

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Nikad čuo za ove, a tako je dobro, tako opuštajuće. Gledaš u ladovini zamišljeno, dok se palme njišu, beskrajne horizonte plavetnila, gde se nebo i more pretapaju... Istovremeno, zavaljen i odvaljen, levom rukom maziš džukelu tipa labrador, desnom neku umiljatu devušku. Ah!

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Drago mi je da ti se dopada, youtube mi je sjajan zbog ovakvih stvari, sa poznatog izvođača, naiđem na manje poznate i tako u krug. Videh da su uklonili album sa bandcamp-a, a ovaj mi se baš dojmio i voleo bih da ga imam na ploči, ako su ga izdali na istoj...

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"The Uncanny Valley"

Definition -


The uncanny valley is a phenomenon in robotics engineering whereby a humanoid robot bearing a near-identical [but not perfect] resemblance to a human causes a response of revulsion among the observer. The "valley" refers to a dip in the graph of comfort level as humanoid subjects move toward a healthy, natural human likeness.

The album is fully recorded, mixed, mastered, and finished. Artwork is currently underway, and we expect a release in late 2015 / early 2016




Ko će da dočeka ovu dobrotu.

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