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Prodajem punk/hc ex-yu ploče

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NECROPHILIA - mentalna pustinja (+booklet / picture disc & transparent)

PARAF - prekinuti koitus (black)

PROCES - iluzije krvare (red & black)

S.O.R. - sistem organizirane represije (yellow & black)

KAOS - betonska deca (black)

QUOD MASSACRE - kje je odgovor! (red)

III KATEGORIJA - autoignition (red & splatter red)

INDUST-BAG - zavrzena mladost (red & blue)

NIET - srečna mladina (+booklet / picture disc & black)

'77 - predaja ćivota (splatter red)

GOLA JAJA - naked bollocks (transparent & yellow)

GOLA JAJA - 1981-1982 (yellow & black)

KUZLE - archived (red & black)

NADE IZ INKUBATORA - nocu u mom gradu (blue & black)

GRUPA 92 - slike preteklosti + 7" (red & yellow)

O! KULT - mi smo drzava (+fanzine / red & black)

ČAO PIČKE - sonce v očeh (black)



BLITZKRIEG - apel/tko je kriv? (black / gatefold)

DEFEKTNO EFEKTNI - izdrzi udarac (black / gatefold)

TOŽIBABE - s/t (+booklet / picture disc)

PANKRTI - lepi in prazni/lublana je bulana (picture disc & black)

GRUPA 92 - cenzura (transparent & black)

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