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Zagrebački instrumentalni trio Chui značajan je po drugačijem pristupu prema jazz glazbi...

Chui je oformilo društvo iz benda Mangroove, točnije trojka Toni Starešinić, Đuro Dobranić i Andrej Jakuš.

Kasnije je došlo do promjene u postavi, tako da danas uz Tonija na klavijaturama, ostatak benda čini saksofonist Vojkan Jocić i bubnjar Janko Novoselić.


Chui are an up-and-coming young trio from Croatia who have developed their own rather unique take on jazz. Their potent blend of dance club rythms, jazz vocabulary, turbo-charged jazz/rock fusion and an uncompromising commitment to groove permeates their first album from start to finish and has them firmly entrenched as a mainstay on the Central European music scene. At the end of 2013 their second effort was released by Dancing Bear Records to widespread critical acclaim and even greater enthusiasm from their dedicated fanbase. Their all-star line-up brings together three of the top cats on the Croatian scene: Toni Starešinić – keyboards & electonica, Vojkan Jocić – sax & electronica , Janko Novoselić – drums.


„This team did without any doubts one of the best and most original instrumental albums in Croatia in 21st century. They build up their own music totally unburdened and tottaly free, following slogan „to be yourself, to be different“ Horvi / terapija.net

„The Second Arrival is an excellent melting pot of modern jazz and progressive rock music. The Croatian album of the year.“ Mislav Miličević / soundguardian.com

„One of the best releases this year in Croatia and a serious candidate for Porin (Croatian top music award) in a number of music categories. Highly recommendable album!“ Dubravko Jagatić / tportal.hr

„For Croatian music scene it seems like Chui felt right from the Mars. Album that opens the universe and relaxes worries of everyday life.“ Zoran Stajčić / ravnododna.com

„Internationally important Croatian jazz product“ Aleksandar Dragaš / jutarnji.hr

„Like on it's first album, Chui did again a great job in the studio.“ Zlatko Gall / slobodnadalmacija.hr


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