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Meni ona Transmission zverski dobra pesma, ova Taurus onako, kulčić, nego sam očekivao neki Gemini nastavak kvalitet pa me zbog toga malo razočarala :haha:

Rani utsci, super album, bolji od prošlog, ne ni blizu kvaliteta Amber Galactica, ali već se naziru pesme koje ću da drljam na repeat, pomenuta Transmissions, Curves, Servants, If Tonight..., Dead of Winter. Malo više udara na ritam album, i rekao bih da više nose kljave album nego gitare, u odnosu na prethodne albume. Strid bogotac nastavlja da bude prelomni faktor ovde za mene tho. Razmišljam i za ove neke pesme koje su mi samo okayish (tipa Swansdown), da bi mi bile verovatno neslušljive da je neki ljigaviji, da ne kažem classic 80s pevač tu. Ali mi on i to prodaje kako treba, a ove pesme koje em valjaju em ih on oplodi vokalom, bombonjera.

Sad još samo da se ne otkaže koncert zbog virusa ili sl. i biće to jedan super mart.

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We are very proud to announce that we will be playing a live streamed show at the classic venue The Tivoli, in Helsingborg, Sweden on Saturday the 18th of April. For some of us that place is somewhat of a stomping ground and today one of the few real rock clubs that are still around in Sweden. That is something we want to support. Make sure you tune in on Saturday the 18th, it’s gonna be a night to remember. The Aeromantic Experience is alive and well.

So let s get together and hang out, as live as we can be these days! We hope to see all our passengers on this flight, no quarantine can stop this🕺🏼

The stream will go live at 20:00 CET on Saturday, April 18th, via The Night Flight Orchestra and The Tivoli’s social media pages:



Sjajno :smile: :muzicar:




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