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2018.10.27. *Elektropionir, Beograd* Minsk, Zatokrev

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Američko-švajcarski post metal kombo će na svojoj jesenjoj turneji posetiti i Beograd, u subotu 27. oktobra u Elektropioniru...


Rooted in the post-metal landscape Minsk step out from the shadows of the giants of their genre to create a psychedelic blend of melodic tribal heaviness.





While drawing inspiration from their sludge/heavy-background, ZATOKREVis now a lot more open to experimentation, and does not hesitate to expand towards doom, death/black-metal, industrial as well as even psychedelic rock.






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Consouling Sounds


15. август у 15:08 ·


We're very excited to announce the split album BIGOD!

On BIGOD, Minsk (USA) and ZATOKREV (CH/EU) deliver a joint effort, a deliberative and collaborative intention to reflect their innermost expressions, another search for deeper meaning in the here and now through beautiful psychedelic melancholy paired with the heaviest walls of sound and creative destructiveness. Their shared passion and aesthetics gave rise to the idea for the split album BIGOD. The work creates a new spirit, one who unites two dark souls and joins two paths into one. Here, both bands contribute two epic songs, both receiving vocal support from the other.

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