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Rasna genetika i neurofiziologija

Demon Seed

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U duhu događanja :D

CILJ OVE TEME NIJE OMALOVAŽAVANJE NIJEDNE GRUPACIJE već bavljenje biološkim pravilnostima unutar različitih grupa, oslobođeno unazađujuće političke korektnosti.


Na primer, veoma zanimljivo:

One study that examined race and empathy found that participants receiving nasally administered oxytocin had stronger reactions to pictures of in-group members making pained faces than to pictures of out-group members with the same expression.[72] Moreover, individuals of one race may be more inclined to help individuals of the same race than individuals of another race when they are experiencing pain. Oxytocin has also been implicated in lying when lying would prove beneficial to other in-group members. In a study where such a relationship was examined, it was found that when individuals were administered oxytocin, rates of dishonesty in the participants' responses increased for their in-group members when a beneficial outcome for their group was expected.[73] Both of these examples show the tendency of individuals to act in ways that benefit those considered to be members of their social group, or in-group.



O drugim istraživanjima (od kojih su politička korektnost i pozitivna diskriminacije neke i zabranili), kad naletim :D

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