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From the rivers From the hills From the fens And remote ends From the dells and hidden caves We have gathered - - forward we shall march. ''Oh God, Give me premature death So I shan't see the disaster. Mutual guilts will be washed in blood Not in redemption - - but in a fratricide.'' The horde of the steppes cutting off the loose ends. Wearing blade of justice whirlwind of revenge. Mother river heals us with its water Soil of the steppe has given us the shelter Inborn prowess pulls us ever forward We'll reclaim the holy lands of Poland.

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Empty pages within me
that are laid before me
spread to infinity.

Pages of unwritten times
echoes of countless laments
for what do we sell our lives?

All the words that had perished
long before we were reborn
have no place to go,
but to find their final rest
on the scrolls on which we test
our role
our final goal.

('Cos we) can't escape that all we have to say.
time is nigh for letters to be lain.

So - this mission,
(so - this) confusing conflict and collision
victorious emerge.

Empty pages of forgotten dreams
times of loss and hours of screams...
for what do we live our lives?!
For what do we leave our lives?

From the hardships do not run,
in the struggle you become
the writer and the sage.
Where prowess steps - fortune follows
do not let the concepts swallow you -
- drink deep from your rage!
Fill each empty page!

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