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1 hour ago, The Bowels Of Perdition said:

Samo da izrazim podršku za ovaj bend iz Nikšića, jer kao neko ko je svakog leta u tom gradu bar po par dana mogu samo da pretpostavim koliko je teško imati metal bend u Nikšiću.

Veliko hvala na podrsci! Kad opet budes u Niksicu javi se da popijemo pivo i da ti dodamo CD.

Sve najbolje!



Recenzija albuma od strane austrijskog 'blackmetal.at' fanzina.

prevod na engleski:

'Dvoeverie is a duo from Montenegro who, although the band was only founded in 2022, have already released their second album “Accipimus Dolorem”. With “Love Is Fading” you start with classic gothic rock. Aleksandar Bogdanovic's singing is particularly reminiscent of the Sisters Of Mercy or Fields Of The Nephilim, the forefathers of the genre. “Enduring The Pain” comes closer to metal and has a certain Paradise Lost underbelly. “Northern Winds” and “Fear” alternate between gothic rock and harder passages with growling vocals that go a bit in the doom/death direction. “Distorting Mirror” even leans a little more towards doom/death, but basically the more extreme style of metal is far in the background on this album. Mainly it oscillates somewhere between old school gothic rock/metal and doom, where a lot of emphasis is placed on melody and which mostly comes out of the speakers with a lot of melancholy. When it comes to songwriting, the two Montenegrins have a lot of variety, Aleksandar Bogdanovic in particular manages to give each piece a different atmosphere with his extremely versatile voice. The album is produced very clearly and powerfully, which is an absolute benefit for this type of music.
“Accipimus Dolorem” is a very varied and exciting Gothic/Doom album with which fans of bands like the Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim, Paradise Lost or Katatonia absolutely cannot go wrong.'
Score 8.5/10

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