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Znaci gradis svoje misljenje na osnovu tudjih, bravo.

verujem ti jer znam na koje ponude konkretno ciljas i znam koliko ti to licno znaci jer ipak 9 parada ponosa naspram beogradskih 0 ti jednostavno ne dopusta da stavis beograd ispred zagreba subjektiv

I ti si meni nedostajala u kuhinji.

september 18 2005 12.39pm GMT

hello. how are you?


we hope the sun is shining in your heart even if it rains outside. we play a gig tomorrow in london supporting HIM and i know a few people have questioned this, but i for one am looking forward to playing in a packed out london venue to people who may not know our music. and then we have the new songs. which one will turn out the best? probably all of them, as i think we will look after this record and make the right decisions. i only hope we can find the right management and record company to do this properly. trial and error. you live and learn. isn\'t that the way of things?


new song title ideas include..


\'voodoo\', \'everything\', \'a simple mistake\', \'no one is free\' and \'angels really do walk among us...\'


musical directions?


ever seen a chaos star?


keep shining



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Mislim da nije niko (Evil spirit mhihi.gif ) kacio ovaj vju, tj. njegov delic. Nista posebno, ali evo:



ANATHEMA Talk About New Lineup, Songwriting Process - Sep. 13, 2005


ANATHEMA guitarist/vocalist Vincent Cavanagh and drummer John Douglas recently spoke to the U.K.'s Terrorizer magazine about the band's new lineup and songwriting process. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:


Terrorizer: Which direction is the new material going in?


John: "Danny [Cavanagh, lead vocals] pretty much wrote the last album, 'A Natural Disaster', so this one is more of a band effort. The new material has the essence of that album, but we’re just trying to push the boundaries and go for it."


Vincent: "We write from the heart and the writing styles complement each other. We've got three singers in the band now, because John's sister, Lee Douglas, happens to be a brilliant singer and gets on with everybody. So we're going to have a lot of broken harmonies going on, a lot of diversity and really huge sounds."


Terrorizer: Does having a female element in the band give you a lot of new options?


John: "Yeah, it's another brush to paint with."


Vincent: "We're both hearing her voice a lot in the material we're writing. If she's not doing a lead she's doing a harmony, and she's got a great range, and it really fits in with where we're going. 'A Natural Disaster' closed the door in a particular chapter emotionally, and now the songs are just reflection of characters."


Read the entire interview in issue 136 of Terrorizer, on sale Thursday, September 15.

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Slazem se sa Baal-om da ih ne bi svrstao u gothic ni u jednom periodu. Judgement i albumi oko njega su bili neki alternative rock slican Pink Floyd-u, pre toga doom, a sada ambiental. To je moje skromno misljenje za komplexnu muziku Anatheme. musik20.gif

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