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Za koji pocetak? Trece decenije benda? Ajde ajde, ne kukaj nego spremajte sledeci, 2018. ga ocekujemo.

Novi lyrics video kao najava za koncert sa Cannibal Corpse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBs1DEwT4UM

Kopirano sa facebooka:   We are proud to announce that we have finally finished our first full length album entitled "TERNION DEMONARCHY".   It was recorded in Wild Cat studio (Kragujevac) &

Ako nije problem jer moze band ili neko da izbaci neke tekstove SA?za bilo koju pesmu?


Na originalu Inception of ceremony možeš pronaći tekstove 5-6 pesama sa tog izdanja. Ako nemaš CD, mogu ti nakucati neku pesmu ako ti baš baš treba. Nemoj samo da kucam sve redom, manem vremena toliko.

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А како да набавим ЦД?Јел то оно сплит издање?

Ima da se nađe tu i tamo još uvek, čak mi se čini da sam video primerke na Kupindu, Limundu i sličnim sajtovima za neke smešne pare.

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А како да набавим ЦД?Јел то оно сплит издање?


biloje da se kupi i u Mamutu u centru beograda.. ja sam svoj primerak nabavio 2006 kad je i izasao... e sad en znam dal jos imaju al pogledaj

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Sacramental Blood - From the cocoons of monstrous...


Telepathic connection is oppressing your mind

Obsessed by minatory vision of obscure lair

Look beyond dark lacuna into the depths of cosmic horror

Visionary dream of blasphemous parturition


Monstrous progenitors spawned within debris of ancient crypts

Clandestine catacombs have hidden chrysalis for centuries

Listen to the unholy murmur from the times before our gods

Forgotten grotesque shapes of sacrilegious breeds will arise


Possessed by ancient kind

There's no place to hide

As they control your life


Concupiscence grows

They occupied your soul

To only one place you can go


Phantasm becomes real

You're paralyzed by fear

Pernicious path will lead


You into unseen

Depths of the earth

'Cause breed must feed


Prophesied profanation

Gruesome resuscitation

Hatching from the chrysalis

Leviathans now appear


Embryos of grotesque forms metamorphosed into huge monsters

Blasphemous misshapen physique of the newborn race maddens

Perennial sleep is over and they have to calm down hunger

Feel in agony how they rave on your body and mutilate it


Feast upon your flesh, devouring of your entrails

Razor sharp teeth severe the desecrated body

Consumed head is disembodied in abnormal way

And nothing remains from dissected pray

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Uskoro!!!Dugo ocekivani album grupe Sacramental Blood,za one koji ne znaju,album je snimljen jos 2009,ali zbog lose produkcije,promene clanova benda...nije objavljen,snimanje novih vokala,solo gitare i bas gitare zakazano je za januar,tako da gotov snimak-izmiksovan, ce biti zavrsen vec u februaru.

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Nazalost dolazi do male izmene. Heretical Guilt nece moci da nastupe jer im je bubnjar povredio nogu. Nismo uspeli da nadjemo adekvatnu zamenu tako da ce nastupiti samo 4 benda. Awaiting Fear izlaze na binu u 21.30, potom slede Sacramental Blood, Daemonicus i na kraju Christ Agony. Bendovi ce svirati malo duze set liste nego sto je prvobitno planirano. Vidimo se sutra

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