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ovo mi je neki zvučni ekvivalent onih biker boomer ilustracija, sa kosturovima i 100 različitih fontova, znate na šta mislim

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Jebiga, Brus je i otisao iz Agent Steela zato sto mu je dosadno bilo vise da glumi Sajrisa. Nasao si jedan snimak gde zvuci losije, bravo, 'oces bombonu? Cinjenica je da je u Beogradu jebao mame.  

nije to nista ... par tisuca dolara i to je to ... lagano.

@tower: slushao sam to, naravno, i svidja mi se. volim i stari i novi spejs iter, bez obzira na razlike. ali to nije to. boshko je bio puno bolji pevach (za pesme koje su oni tada svirali), ali ti ima

opskurni komentari na video pobedjuju


This is the most forward thinking , inspired thrash/speed metal sound in decades . Exactly where it left off . What is funny is how people have grown so acostommed to mediocrity , gimmicry and generic sounding bands that they are uncappable of understanding the genius in this . Oh well ... was it any different when , say , " Unstoppable force " was released ? Of course not . Thanks Cyriis , it´s been decades since I last lsitened to something this creative , unique and rewarding .


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