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Ironično da je pevao kako ga ne prima. :haha:

Minvajl in Amurika:


He pleaded guilty to only two charges, but both are felony offences. The two charges are obstructing an official proceeding of Congress, which carries a 20-year prison term, and trespassing on restricted grounds while armed with a deadly or dangerous weapon, carrying up to a 10-year prison term.


Schaffer faces a recommended prison term of 41 to 51 months under nonbinding federal guidelines, though his sentence will ultimately be decided by a judge.


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ICED EARTH founder, songwriter, guitarist and producer Jon Schaffer has released "A Narrative Soundscape", an audio CD of 15 tracks that was originally made available with the purchase of the deluxe edition of his first-ever book "Wicked Words And Epic Tales". These recordings are a completely re-imagined delivery of the lyrics of ICED EARTH songs created exclusively for this release. Longtime collaborator Jim Morris worked with Schaffer on these versions.

"Wicked Words And Epic Tales" was the debut release from Schaffer's publishing company Wicked Words, LLC and was the first of many original concepts he planned for future release.

Released on January 21 via Ravencraft Productions, "A Narrative Soundscape" features the following tracks:

01. Dystopia (A Narrative Soundscape) (06:06)
02. Declaration Day (A Narrative Soundscape) (03:03)
03. Wolf (A Narrative Soundscape) (02:23)
04. Dante's Inferno (A Narrative Soundscape) (09:55)
05. Melancholy (A Narrative Soundscape) (02:43)
06. Dracula (A Narrative Soundscape) (04:12)
07. Raven Wing (A Narrative Soundscape) (04:22)
08. Angels Holocaust (A Narrative Soundscape) (02:09)
09. The Clouding (A Narrative Soundscape) (06:13)
10. Something Wicked (A Narrative Soundscape) (11:46)
11. Watching Over Me (A Narrative Soundscape) (02:26)
12. Seven Headed Whore (A Narrative Soundscape) (01:49)
13. Damien (A Narrative Soundscape) (06:56)
14. Question of Heaven (A Narrative Soundscape) (06:00)
15. Come What May (A Narrative Soundscape) (03:44)


Ovaj oće da ga vrate u zatvor

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IE su za mene imali peak sa Live in Athens koji je idealna setlista pesama, kad slusam IE, samo pustim taj live od pocetka do kraja, i ne bih nista dirao. Horor Show je poslednji album koji je imao nekolicinu dobrih pesama, sve posle toga je hit and miss, uglavnom miss, i po 1-2 pesme se mozda izdvoji da se slusa. 

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