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Kayo Dot (ex-maudlin of the Well)

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tanka je linija izmedju emotivnosti/preemotivnosti/patetike kad je takvo pevanje u pitanju   te dramatizacije njegove jednostavno ne sljakaju. ako se vec tripujes na to moras da budes to. moras da i

Ja bih došao na Kayo Dot karaoke za 200 kinti, 1/1.   A ako mali ostane, povešću i ja svog pa da se igraju, mož i oni dotpevaju nešto.

prodace se koncert jebote.. ne moras da pisas po to malo kredibiliteta sto ti je ostalo.

maudlin of the Well (pravilno sa malim "m" i velikim "W") je vise metal, dosta su eksperimentisali sa Bath i Leaving Your Body Map (dva diska napravljeni kao konceptualni albumi), ali vise u okvirima metala.

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kao sto kaze budadah. Baziraju se na tu evropsku doom skolu, stara anathema, my dying bride, itd...ali dosta eksperimentisanja...duvacki instrumenti, death/black momenta, prog, jeff buckley, bas svega ima.


meni su najinteresantniji doom bend koji se ikad pojavio u tom fazonu, sto zbog muzike, toliko iz zbog tekstova, artworka i celokupne vizije benda.


toplo preporucujem bath/leaving your body map

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FULL Force :the new rock complexity - Press Release




107 Norfolk Street

(between Delancey & Rivington)

(F to Delancey or the JMZ to Essex)

Info line: 212-358-7501 / www.tonicnyc.com


Doors open half an hour before each show, unless otherwise noted.



Tonic pleased to announce - FULL FORCE : The new rock complexity festival curated by John Zorn.

July 13 - 15 (Thursday - Saturday).


âThis festival presents an exciting new generation of musicians who are expanding preconceived concepts of form and content in the rock idiom. Inspired by a wide variety of influences and using elements of advanced composition, improvisation, noise, rhythms and harmony, these groups bring a stimulating new energy to the musical firmament. Full Force hopes to shed new light on this exciting community of young musical explorers dedicated to complex, compositional rock.â - John Zorn


Schedule at a glance

Thur, July 13 - Jerseyband (8pm) - Capital M (9pm) - Rashanim (10:30pm)

Fri, July 14 - Newspeak (8pm) - Time of Orchids (9pm) - Stay Fucked (10:30pm)

Sat, July 15 - 7pm round table - Larval (8pm) - Electric Kompany (9pm) - Kayo Dot (10:30pm)




Detailed Listings



For samples or more info on theses bands please go to: http://groups.myspace.com/newrockcomplexity





* Capital M plus Rashanim plus Jersey Band at 8pm, $5 per set, $10 for 3 sets


Capital M: Founded in 2004 by composer Ian Moss, CAPITAL M is an innovative electric chamber ensemble that seeks real and total integration between modern classical music and vernacular styles such as rock and jazz. Boasting an all-star lineup of improvising musicians, Capital M performs intricate compositions with all the blistering energy and sonic chaos of a heavy metal band.


Rashanim: A trio of guitar, bass and drums/percussion, Rashanim draws on influences including Jewish melodies, indie rock, punk, and jazz. The group is led by guitarist Jon Madof, who has worked with John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Frank London and others. Shanir Blumenkranz (Satlah, Pharaoh's Daughter) is on bass, and Mathias Kunzli (Lauren Hill) plays drums and percussion. The Village Voice just says that Rashanim âmay be one of the best things to happen to Jewish music since Andy Statman or the Klezmatics.â


Jersey Band: Jersey Band plays Lungcoreâa new genre that infuses a horn-driven band with heavy metal values.





* Time of Orchids plus Newspeak plus Stay Fucked, $5 per set, $10 for 3 sets


Time of Orchids: Time of Orchids has existed since 1999, combining coarse, divergent instrumentation, manic howls and claustrophobic prog absurdity with lush, all-embracing "pop" naivety. Awkward, menacing, cybernetic, heartbreaking; SARCAST WHILE, the current album (featuring Julee Cruise on guest vocals), is out now on Tzadik Records.


Newspeak: Newspeak , founded in 2004 by composer/drummer David T. Little, derives its sound from the energy and performance practice of rock music and contemporary notated music. It features some of the finest musicians from new york city. They perform original works and composers works for mixed amplified ensemble.


Stay Fucked: Guitarist Joe Petrucelli and drummer Hank Shteamer formed Stay Fucked in 2002. Since then, they have collaborated with a series of bass players to write brief, intricate compositions that incorporate elements of prog, punk, metal and jazz. Now including bassist Andres Marino, the band performs frequently in NYC and surrounding areas; Stay Fucked has shared bills with artists such as Octis, the Fucking Champs, Coptic Light, and Child Abuse.



* Round Table with John Zorn and members of the new rock complexity movement at 7pm

Discussion of the implications of the new movement, where it is going, and how it may influence the rock music and academic music worlds.


* Kayo Dot plus Electric Kompany plus Larval at 8pm, $5 per set, $10 for 3 sets


Kayo Dot: Kayo Dot have their roots in the European doom and black metal of the 1990s, and have taken that influence and developed it into a very neoteric form of compositional dark psychedelia. The 7-piece ensemble harnesses the sinfully untapped potential of this aesthetic in ways you always wished some band would, and delivers an intense live performance featuring brass, woodwinds, strings, drums, guitars, electronics, industrial garbage, vocals, and more.


Electric Kompany: Founded by guitarist Kevin Gallagher in 2006, Electric Kompany is an ensemble dedicated to arranging, composing, and commissioning contemporary music for rock quartet - the modern instrument ensemble of our times.


Larval: Larval is an avant/progressive rock ensemble led by composer Bill Brovold. Defined by driving guitars, saxes, multiple strings (violin, bass, cello, harp) and percussion, Larval's sound is intense, relentless and savagely hypnotic. The music brings to mind a blending of aspects of Glenn Branca, Godspeed, You Black Emperor!, King Crimson and more, but all put together in a completely "Larval" fashion.

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e, ovo je superkul.


full textovi za the manifold curiosity...onaj deo gde recituje i ne razumem se toliko dobro.


u CAPS su reci koji su u lyricsima na albumu.


On the beach, I thought it wise to SIFT through the sand that was really glass, but in the STILL of space, I suppose I never really thought it THROUGH. After HOURS OF dust had gathered on the sun, I chanted along with the fish. The bell rose up from the silvery sea, and ITS surface glinted in the PLASMA that undulated beneath it. BIDING my TIME, I paced across the waves, thinking royal thoughts UNTIL THE tears welled up in all of my eyes. All of the CLOCKS in the universe hit the stroke of eleven, and the chiming caused the COLLAPSE of kingdoms. I wept upon the bell, and my tears made MUSIC that danced across the sea. It SHATTERED MY heart to hear that sound, and the SPINE of the world must have straightened. ON THE loneliest day of my life, eleven STEPS led to the OUTSIDE. I CANNOT ever visit this place again, for every MOVE I make makes me realize that MY life has ended. LIQUID pours forever onto the bell from the sea, and my BREATHING IS the waves that wash bodies ashore. A coffin SCULPTED from my thoughts moves WITH speed atop the waves. THIS is the BINDING. The sea seems made of GEL, and I sleep within.


It seems odd, I only seem to SIFT about in the melancholy, and I can STILL look back; I can hear the screaming trying to break THROUGH. before HOURS OF pain could eat away my brain, I struggled to disrupt their fold. They sent some sort of insect after me, and ITS wings buzzed up and down the PLASMA surging through my slumbering veins. BIDING its TIME, it laid its eggs in me, chirping with laughter UNTIL THE larvae spilled out from my split skin. Even the CLOCKS had forsaken me by borrowing dead minutes; I recoiled at my own COLLAPSE in ruin. I cared for the larvae, making for them MUSIC with which to fall asleep. They SHATTERED MY limbs with their beauty, and my SPINE became the nest to the horde. ON THE bed whereon i dreamt of love, my eyes formed STEPS up to the OUTSIDE. I CANNOT fathom chasing my own phantoms, as when IMOVE with the vision bestowed upon MY recalcitrance. LIQUID seeps into the roots and makes the forest grow, while its BREATHING IS motionless to those who can see. The trees are SCULPTED with silence and WITH the jagged edges. THIS saw a BINDING; it also dripped GEL from behind my eyes.


Twice ten years, I and a god did SIFT twice ten years into memory, and seven STILL pulses, but frequently memorizing opal THROUGH. During HOURS OF our garbled fornication, Blameless and Faceless were wed. The mystical union was as showers, with ITS magnificent lightning PLASMA bursting upon a thirsting Earth. BIDING no TIME, ev'ry ecstasy fell, causing me to swoon UNTIL THE rapture 'came much too great to bear. Infinite CLOCKS seems a ridiculous vision; the time when all time will COLLAPSE is much worse. But these things are later. when even the MUSIC will play all at one time. I SHATTERED MY ideal of me, with my SPINE straightened for my own serpent. ON THE dry riverbed were dry fish, sand and dust STEPS dropping to OUTSIDE. I CANNOT breathe through lungs that have putrefied, like eyes that MOVE lustily over the dagger MY murderer saw. LIQUID pours dreamily over self-inflicted wounds, and my BREATHING IS as shallow as a red tide pool. Nothing is SCULPTED and nothing is WITH living hands painted. THIS is my BINDING; my masterpiece GEL dressing mediums.

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i ova krvava panda je superkul.. baš su onako zanimljivi.. i kayo pesma je cool, ali su im ukrali show .

sad se baš pojavio split.

user posted image


Kayo Dot/Bloody Panda - Split [2006 Holy Roar]




1. Don't Touch Dead Animals (11:06)

2. Fever (11:14)

3. Circle and Tail ( 7:36)


Sad bas nadjoh .... skida se ....

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Originally Posted by Kayo Dot (7.nov)

Hi everyone,


We're really very, very sorry about this but four of our members quit our band last night and we won't be able to finish the last few dates of our tour. We suckily had to cancel our shows in Syracuse and Marlboro and we're still deciding if Toby/Mia/Greg will perform "60 Metonymies" (a chilled out, ambient classical piece that Toby wrote for guitar/acoustic violin) in Somerville, MA on the 10th (with former Kayo Dot drummer Sam Gutterman). Again, we apologize for this and we'll keep you updated on the situation...




tja... :sad:

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New News!


1) The show at Full Force 2 went spectacularly! Thank you so much to Jesse Krakow and Dave Bodie (of Time of Orchids), Tim Byrnes (of Friendly Bears), and Ron Varod (of So Is the Tongue) for filling in. They did an amazing, passionate, and meticulous job on VERY short notice. You guys are the best! And thank you to their bands for letting us borrow them.


2) Kayo Dot's Toby and Mia have another band called Tartar Lamb which will be touring to Seattle and back starting December 26th. Please check out our myspace page for sound clips and the dates... we'll also be accompanied by Tim and Andrew from Friendly Bears and will be performing some of Tim's music (Hazel-Rah) on this tour as well! The tour concludes January 19th in New York City joined by the James Plotkin/Tim Wyskida duo (ex-Khanate, Khlyst, Blind Idiot God)!


3) We have just very recently secured an agreement with Hydra Head Records to release the next Kayo Dot album! We plan to begin recording in late spring/early summer 2007, and are shooting for a late 2007/early 2008 release date!


4) Finally, Greg Massi has decided to leave Kayo Dot to focus on his own music. We will miss him. Go, Greg, go!

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Tartar Lamb is the duo of Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya (of Kayo Dot), put together specifically to perform and record Toby's long-form violin and electric guitar duet, "60 Metonymies," and with the potential to move on to other pieces in the future. Tartar Lamb was augmented by the participation of Tim Byrnes (trumpet) and Andrew Greenwald (drums) of The Friendly Bears for the recording, which is now available directly through us!


This full-length CD package features the title piece, a modern electroacoustic quartet exquisitely recorded by Randall Dunn (Sunn0))), Earth, Kinski, etc) and beautiful hand-painted artwork by Toby printed in a high-quality parchment insert and contained in a classy fiberboard jacket. Twenty-one months in the making and 100% self-financed, we went through great personal strife just to bring you this delicious CD. We're selling it for $12 plus shipping (see shipping costs below). Please buy a copy by clicking this paypal button or sending payment to us at [email protected] Thank you!!!






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At long last it is our great pleasure to announce the titles, tracks, and personnel info for our upcoming album! The album is called Blue Lambency Downward, includes SEVEN songs, and shall be released by Hydra Head Records. And, we also recorded an outtake which will be reserved as a bonus track later. The album tracklisting is as follows:


1. Blue Lambency Downward

2. Clelia Walking

3. Right Hand is the One I Want

4. The Sow Submits

5. The Awkward Windwheel

6. The Useless Ladder

7. Symmetrical Arizona


The album personnel is as follows:


Toby Driver - acoustic, electric, 12-string, baritone, and bass guitars, soprano clarinet, voice, piano, organ, gamelan instruments, analog synth, laptop mellotron

Mia Matsumiya - violin, voice


with guest musicians:


Charlie Zeleny (Behold... the Arctopus) - drumset

Skerik - tenor and baritone sax, vibraphone

Hans Teuber - soprano and bass clarinets, alto sax, flute

Dave Abramson (Diminished Men) - gamelan instruments & additional percussion

B.R.A.D. (ASVA, Master Musicians of Bukkake)- additional vocals

Randall Dunn - sound effects and synth design


The album was produced by Randall Dunn (Sunn0))), Boris, Earth, ASVA) and its release date and coinciding tour dates are set for mid-March 2008. We will be posting audio samples sometime within the next few weeks.

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