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  1. od moje zadnje posete ovoj temi apsolutno nista novo od vas eto ako ne znate mada sam siguran da znate da su usli u studio i snimaju novi album!
  2. Check This: http://rapidshare.de/files/10995202/My_Que...ection.xls.html
  3. What Would Freddie Mercury And Paul Kossoff Discuss In Heaven Re: Queen+Paul Rodgers? Writer Steve McClure from The Daily Yomiuri imagines what Freddie Mercury and Paul Kossoff might have to say about the Queen+Paul Rodgers Tour. ''Queen+PR: What would they say?'' Steve McClure / Special to The Daily Yomiuri ''The scene: rock 'n' roll heaven, that far-off realm in the clouds where, as the song tells us, ''they've got a helluva band'' Paul Kossoff, late guitarist of blues-rock band Free, is taking a stroll through the Elysian Fields when he espies deceased Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury.'' ''Hey, Freddie. What's shakin', man?'' ''Oh, hi, Paul. Not much, actually. Don't you find this unending celestial bliss a bit of a bore? Sometimes I want to break free!'' ''Well, I used to think so, too, but it's all right now.'' ''Anyway, it's funny you should pop along, Paul. I've just been thinking about your old mate, Paul Rodgers.'' ''Yes, Freddie, he was the singer with Free, when I was lead guitarist with that band, and later on Paul fronted Bad Company. A great set of pipes and a diamond geezer. I hear he's teamed up with your old bandmates Brian May, on lead guitar, and Roger Taylor, on drums, and they've been touring as 'Queen+Paul Rodgers.''' ''Yes, Paul. It's enough to give you a sheer heart attack. At least John Deacon, our bassist, had the good taste to give the whole thing a miss.'' ''So when did Paul, Brian and Roger get together?'' ''Well, it seems that Brian and Paul performed 'All Right Now,' that old Free chestnut, at the Fender Stratocaster 50th anniversary gig in 2004, and the proverbial chemistry was there, so they say. They roped Roger in, and since then they've been playing concerts featuring all our great Queen songs, plus some Free and Bad Company numbers to keep Paul's fans happy.'' ''And they've released a live album and a DVD as well, right, Freddie?'' ''Yes, indeed, Paul. Were we not up here in heaven, where bitchy barbs are banned, I would accuse them of trying to ensure a fat bottom line.'' ''Ouch, Freddie! But you've got to admit that Rodgers is a great singer, even if he can't camp it up like you could?'' ''I'll take that as a compliment, Paul. Can you imagine him in white tights?'' ''Uh, no, actually. But at least he's got a mustache, Freddie.'' ''A mustache and a goatee, Paul. Not really the Mercury style.'' ''But I must say that he's very effective on rousing tunes like 'We Are the Champions.' Brian May is in fine form, too. And I should point out that Rodgers has been quoted as saying that he's not trying to replace you, Freddie. He described you as 'one of a kind,' and says that he's happy just to be himself and sing some great songs with some great musicians. And that's why the show is being billed as 'Queen+Paul Rodgers' with Rodgers' name in a smaller typeface than Queen's, I might add.'' ''Fair enough, Paul. But the whole thing seems wrong, somehow. With all due respect, I'm not sure that Paul Rodgers is the right man for the job. I'm kind of partial to George Michael myself.'' ''How about Liza Minnelli, Freddie? After all, she did sing with the remaining members of Queen at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert in 1992. And she's a gay icon to boot. Anyway, I wonder how they manage to perform elaborate tunes like 'Bohemian Rhapsody' live.'' ''Well, Paul, apparently they have a giant video screen showing yours truly singing said number, and everybody in the audience sings along as the band goes through its paces.'' ''Sounds a bit ghoulish, eh, Freddie?'' ''Well, it's not exactly an idea that was made in heaven, Paul. A kind of kitsch karaoke, if you ask me.'' ''I wonder why people pay big bucks to see this kind of thing, Freddie?'' ''Well, Paul, it's just a crazy little thing called nostalgia. And I guess people reckon an old Queen is better than no Queen.'' ''I hear that the band is now playing a series of live dates in Japan, Freddie.'' ''Yes, indeed. We were always big in Japan. We toured there six times, the last time being 1985. And we were one of the first major international bands to play relatively out-of-the-way places like Yamaguchi and Kanazawa.'' ''Yes, Freddie, Queen's brand of pomp-rock has always gone down well with the Japanese. Jewels, a Queen greatest-hits compilation that was released only in Japan, has sold 1.6 million copies since it came out at the beginning of 2004. Many of the tracks on the album were used as 'tie-up' songs for TV dramas and commercials.'' ''Well, licensing tracks for tie-ups is one way to keep yourself alive, I suppose, Paul. All I can say is that Japan may or may not have an empress in the future, but at least it will have its Queen.'' ''Queen+Paul Rodgers will play Oct. 27, 7 p.m. at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama; Oct. 29-30, 5 p.m. at Yokohama Arena in Yokohama; Nov. 1, 7 p.m. at Nagoya Dome in Nagoya; Nov. 3, 5 p.m. at Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome in Fukuoka, (03) 3475-9999.'' (Oct. 27, 2005)
  4. hm albumi su vrhunski.Po meni back to the light je dostojan bilo kojeg queen-ovog albuma,sto se za rogerove ne moze reci...Ipak najbolje produciran je back to the light kao i sama turneja sa koje imam dva koncerta(brixton & sevila).Mislim da je brajanu nedostajala jos godina dve,pa da zblista maximalno i da sebe izbaci u prvi plan,jer kako je fredi bio sve bolesniji on je nekako bilo kljucna licnost.Pa i sada u javnosti on je glavni sto se tice queen-a jer john se povukao a roger tu i tamo kaska za njim.Mislim da je vredno poslusati ovaj album,mada ni another world nije los.Ovi ostali su cisto za imati,mada volim da ih slusam.Ipak to je na neki nacin queen+jeziva postava brian may-ovog benda sto se tice novog brajanovog albuma,od toga nema nista,vec on je izjavio da pocinje rad na nekom fredijevom neobjavljenom materijalu,kojhi kako kaze niko nije cuo...E sad posto ja imam sve+feeling,my silver salmon,itd na taj fazon stvari,stvarno ne znam sta ce to d abude.I jos jedna bitna stvar.Najavljen je jedan veliki boxset sa nekim rare stvarima kao koncert u la forumu,texasu,....najavljen je za 2009 ja mislim i bice bas ono,izdate sve stvari koje imaju da izdaju samo dok srede.Mozete zamisliti kako ce to biti kad su pripreme odavno pocele i stedjuje se materijal...
  5. 1 Back To The Light 1992 Another World 1997 ressurection EP 1997 Furia OST Live AT THe Brixton Academy 1993 Starlicks...
  6. Izasao novi album.Audio izdanje Return of The Champions + jedna zanimljiva stvar: Brian admits that there are more demos from Freddie to be remixed In the Daily Star (UK) it has an article from Brian May that he plans to work on some unreleased material that was recorded from Freddie. Don't know if this means the likes of 'Feels Like' or other stuff that has never been heard before of leaked. There was no indication given of the time span or how much there is to come. )))))))
  7. zapostavih i ja ovu temu.ALi nista novo nije bilo u poslednje vreme se jedne veoma bitne stvari.Uskoro izlazi cd i dvd Return Of The Champions sa konecrtom u shefilldu ove godine,plus jos milion stvari!!! RETURN OF THE CHAMPIONS QUEEN + PAUL RODGERS LIVE ON TOUR 2-CD SET SEPTEMBER 19 WITH DVD TO FOLLOW It was a return that began with a small fan-based Brixton set and ended in a powerhouse Hyde Park 65,000 crowd finale which also managed to frame a moment in UK history. Rock band Queen had returned to the road close on 20 years after a retirement imposed on them by the impending tragic loss of lead singer Freddie Mercury and one which had appeared to signal the end of a recording and touring career that had marked the band out as rock champions of the world’s concert arenas. Pairing with Paul Rodgers the legendary vocalist, songwriter and founding member of Free and Bad Company, Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor surprised many earlier this year with the announcement that they were returning to ‘business as usual’ and taking on more than 32 live dates throughout the UK and Europe. Any initial doubts about whether the band still retained the potency to recreate some of their finest live moments was dispelled immediately. The low-key warm up date at London’s Brixton Academy back in March silenced the cynics, defied the doubters. “The band closes with ‘We Are The Champions’, and how could it be otherwise? I have to admit they’re not wrong” (The Observer)….”ranks as one of the gigs of the year” (The Guardian)”…”New Queen line-up is all right now” (Daily Mirror)…“A triumphant return for rock and roll royalty.” (The Northern Echo). From there there was no stopping Messrs May, Taylor and Rogers, as the Queen + Paul Rodgers powder-keg rolled through Europe touching over a dozen countries in seven weeks, coming to rest finally at London’s Hyde Park on June 15. Along the way, Queen and Paul Rodgers had remade old fan friendships, and made many new ones. Over half a million people had seen and celebrated the return of the mighty force that was Queen, and realised the added rock/blues edge that Rodgers had brought to one of rock’s best loved song catalogues. Delayed by a week, Hyde Park came at a time when London was recovering from one of the worst outrages committed against its citizens. Queen opened their show to all the heroes of the day – London’s emergency service workers, and on one of the most stunning summer evenings the city had seen, celebrated the spirit of London with a concert that united 65,000 people for one very magical day. The energy, the extraordinary musicianship, and the return to form for Queen with the added presence of Paul Rodgers, which marked everyone of those European dates is evident in the 27 tracks which make up the 2-CD set “Return of the Champions”, set for UK release September 19. The recording, captured live during the band’s sold out Sheffield Hallam Arena show back in May, delivers a virtual greatest hits collection from both the Queen and Paul Rodgers song catalogues, mixing perennial crowd pleasers such as Queen’s ‘Tie Your Mother Down’, ‘Radio Ga Ga’, ‘We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions’ with Rodgers’ own million sellers ‘Feel Like Makin’ Love’, ‘Wishing Well’ and ‘All Right Now’. Here also for the first time we get we get live versions of some of the classic hits recorded after the band stopped performing in1985 and consequently never before available on disc, among them ‘The Show Must Go On’, delivered in a scorching version by Rodgers. The album serves also as a reminder of what fine stand-alone musicians and vocalists Brian May and Roger Taylor are; Taylor roars his way through ‘I’m In Love with My Car’ and adds new poignancy to the Mercury latter-day signature tune, ‘These Are the Days of Our Lives’. Taylor also provides the one brand new song on the set, his thought-provoking ‘Say It’s Not True’, a song especially written to help highlight the message behind Nelson Mandela’s 46664 Aids campaign launched by Brian May and Roger Taylor along with Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart in 2003. May meanwhile delivers rock to make you smile on ‘39’, sings Freddie’s torch song ‘Love of My Life’ with the entire audience joining in, and delivers the mother of all guitar solos, which segues seamlessly into the haunting riffs of the delicate-guitar work on ‘Last Horizon’. As a companion piece, the same Sheffield show also comes to DVD a month later; with “Return of The Champions” filmed on an 18 camera shoot by award-winning director David Mallet released October 24. As a record of that special Hyde Park night, the DVD features the bonus track, Queen + Paul Rodger’s fine version of Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ which provided May, Taylor and Rodgers a moment to reflect on that moment of time in London. Having reclaimed their positions as Champions of rock in Europe, Queen + Paul Rodgers now head West to the USA and Japan for a quick stop off either side of the USA with dates in New Jersey (Meadowlands, October 16) and Los Angeles (Hollywood Bowl, October 22) before half-a-dozen massive arena dates across Japan. It is 23 years since they played the USA and over 20 since Japan, but that has not stopped their forthcoming dates selling out well ahead of time. And if this year hasn’t been busy enough for the band, the end of the year Queen will commemorate the 30th anniversary of their twice-hit “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which first went to No. 1 on November 25, 1975 with a special anniversary DVD and CD of the band’s classic album, A Night At The Opera to be released exactly 30 years later on November 25, 2005. The show goes on, indeed!
  8. kako jednostavne omote?Navedi mi jedan omot koji nije jednostavan.Ovo je ozda najbesmislenija stvar koju sam cuo kaosto rekoh otkako je glover poceo da vodi glavnu rec,i otkako su oterali lord-a purple nema ni jednog orginalnog clana ne racunuajuci prvu roundabout postavu.
  9. dobro cinjenica je da blackmore ima moto: 'oblacim se u crno do kraja zivota,i bole me kurac za sve,ja sam najbolji'.Sad Morse da nije dobar ne mogu da kzem,ali jednostavno to nije DP.Porediti Blakcmore-a & Steva je smesno,oni ni ne sviraju istu muziku uopste.To bi bilo ko porediti Scofield-a sa hendrix-om. A Marty,mozda i znam sta znaci tehnicki potkovan,otkud znas preporuka:poslusati Ghost of A rose,zadnji album Blackmore's Night,na kojem je blackmore opet uzeo el.git u ruke,i odradio posao...
  10. hm,da imam neku stvar future managment iz top of the pops.zna 5 rifova
  11. Pa da,tu je cak i svirao el. gitaru.Na Staying Power ja mislim!
  12. pa ne moze ceo album da mi se svidja zbog smao jedne pesme,ili dve!!!
  13. hm dobro,don't like it pa nemam bas omiljeni alnum ali imam najmanje omiljeni: Hot Space,s ti sto mise najvise svidja prvih pet albuma,zakljucno sa jazz...
  14. takodje,ali imam omiljenu pesmu a to je keep your self alive
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