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  2. Sinoc u Glazgovu, odgledah Alisu i po treci put http://picresize.com/popup.html?images/rsz_rsz_jerry.jpg
  3. * the stone age in Albania didn't end until the 21st century (or did it end at all?), so you could take this claim with a pinch of salt also, this Hamza guy is a very fake albanian, he even has a map of greater Serbia hanging above his bed
  4. Im not a nazi, just if anyones wondering. I like Goatmoon and GBK only because of their music.
  5. Slusaj ovo: Evo i par dobrih noviteta: https://bbbrecords.bandcamp.com/album/to-whatever-fateful-end https://crafterhc.bandcamp.com/album/lasting-efforts https://theferalplanet.bandcamp.com/ https://pleadyourcaserecords.bandcamp.com/album/in-desperation
  6. Ove godine ovaj batica na Nišville Jazz Festivalu, ide se!
  7. solidna noevdia dominacija u 2019. 3/3 ubice
  8. I am beyond concerned about the wellbeing of this community, seeing how hard you've fed this troll throughout the years. The sole fact you're still replying to his gibberish beats me, the amount of effort you've taken just to destroy everything that was built so far. Fucking Tesa Tesanovic's post has gone viral on bloody FaceBook, we have more random people here than ever, instead of trying to promote what this place was - a quality place to hang at (krv govna strahovi), we're spawning shqiptarism and allowing christian propaganda. TL;DR @emil3010 Metal is no longer Long live YuMetal
  9. https://lambgoat.com/news/31576/Alexisonfire-premiere-new-single
  10. I ja sam razmišljao o tome, samo što nije samo GBK i Goatmoon, bukvalno svi bendovi su mu ns ili ns-compatible xD
  11. Serbs migrated to the Balkans in 6th century, we Albanians were here since stone age. Now we have separated Kosovo from Serbia, like Norway became independent from Sweden. Wasn't that like pretty shqiptaresque day for Norwegians, right? So happy right now.
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