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  1. https://mega.nz/#!kXpxBSQT!IM7PZcWD_UaEzKJq9pxGYUpeOITX27_nv7dXGnYJq04
  2. Kumodraski Vo


    E ipak je i meni WHTN najbolji :D
  3. Mrtva trka ta i EIF V.. Totalna glupost sutka na mrli al ajde, sta ce deca..
  4. Evo setliste: 1. EIF I 2. EIF IV 3. Mdlosci II 4. EIF II 5. Age II 6. Age III 7. WHTN VII 8. EIF VI 9. EIF V
  5. Isprasili bratski.. Svidja mi se sto je bilo dosta ljudi, pevali pesme skakali itd, kao da je neki veci bend matoriji, a ovi su realno skoro stekli slavu.. Ne znam za zvuk bas ili sam ja nagluv ili nizak haha, bio sam desno od tonca i dosta puta gitare se spoje u neko visoko zujanje, dok je bubanj bio do jaja sve vreme, to najbitnije 😄 ne znam kakve su pregrupe bile nisam ispratio jbg..
  6. A Message from Dave Mustaine I wanted to take a moment to give you all an update on the current status of my health. I'm almost through the last round of treatment and my doctors are feeling very positive regarding my progress. I want to thank all of you for the support and well wishes these last few months. I can’t express enough gratitude as it has made this hard road easier knowing you are in my corner fighting with me! Over the next few weeks my condition will be evaluated, and I will keep you posted on my progress as we get closer to the sailing date of the first Megacruise! We can’t wait to see you, and I know all of the other wonderful artists feel the same way. Let's make this event one for the record books. Less than 30 days till we are Thrashing through the Pacific! See you all very soon. Dave
  7. According to a 2004 interview with Wrest, there are four unreleased full-length Lurker of Chalice albums. Jebo nanu..
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