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  1. #firstworldproblems Samo gledaj i uzivaj, snimice sigurno neke pesme.
  2. Ganbangers bili predgrupa, a Therapy? bas osurise tada. I posle izblejase sa ljudima iz publike, prizemni i dragi ljudi.
  3. I dan danas tvrdim jedna od boljih core svirki, svi znojavi i bez vazduha u nekadasnjoj maloj sali SKC. A ni predgrupe nisu bile lose, osim svinjokoljasa 😄
  4. I izbunarih i ovo: Jako draga svirka, steta sto se Barney sjebao pri kraju pa su ili posle brzo odlozili ostatak turneje ili sta se vec desilo. Ali ova slova sto gore, graficki dizajn par ekselans!
  5. Uzeo da trebim štek, i naišao na gomilu postera, i naravno oduševio sam se što sam Kralja sačuvao:
  6. Vartra uživo u Zappa Bazi sa specijalnim gostima Dj. Tebra & Tippstrip Live Act Ulaz u 21h Cena ulaznice 700din U pretprodaji 500din (od 15 Feb u Zappa Baru Kralja Petra 41) VARTRA is a collective of musicians, dancers and craftsmen based in Belgrade, Serbia, gathered around a common goal of bringing magic and mystery to the stage through a unique blend of their skills, interests and experiences. Our music is influenced by various genres, from traditional Balkan music characterized by the merging of Slavic and oriental cultures, through a variety of traditional music styles of indigenous cultures across the world, to a more harsh, industrial and dark atmospheric sound, common for genres such as doom metal. Most of our lyrics stem from old folk incantations and mantras from the Balkan area, that are sung in Serbian and Vlach languages. Our performances are enriched by utilizing handmade drums and rattles crafted by main instrumentalist and vocalist Siniša Gavrić. These instruments are made from animal skins and foraged materials from the rivers and mountains of Serbia. Being a part of Vartra goes beyond playing music. We are a community of friends and family gathered to revive a bygone time in a modern setting, thereby giving it new life and purpose. Official Website: http://vartramusic.com/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Vartra Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vartramusic/ >>>>>><<<<<< TEBRA's music could be considered as the most honest and natural expression of emotional and sound exploration. During this journey as a music producer he gathered and absorbed a lot of influence from artists like Simon Posford, Dead Can Dance, Massive Attack, Astrix just to name a few. The first release of Tebra named “Suton” was published in 2017 and summed up all his efforts and experience in experimenting with different genres of music in the last 20 years. This track almost instantly gathered the attention of the wider audience since it possessed something that is not so easy to achieve. One would say a perfect balance between day and night, love and hate and peace and turbulence and all this filled up with a mix of Balkan, Oriental and other ethnic sounds. As a newcomer to the fast-growing world of Organic House, Electronica and Progressive House music, with something new to offer, he was approached by some of the most prominent record labels and quickly released a series of EPs and remixes that spun across the international scene. Naturally, his live and DJ performances have grown in numbers in recent years, so that his sound can be heard in some of the most distant parts of the world. Genres: Organic House, Progressive & Afro House https://beyondmngmt.com/?artist=tebra https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSqiY_cB8CxubjRE-IeTXZw >>>>>><<<<<< TIPPSTRIP is a Serbian cinematic techno project from Pancevo, Serbia. The producer and keyboardist Sinisa Mladenovic founded the project "Tippstrip" in 2014, and started in 2017. His music is often influenced by cinematic music with long uplifting breaks and heavy dark beats. A lot of details such as glitch samples, circuit noise and cable cracking are some of the notable characteristics of Tippstrip. Melodic harmonies, rhythmical bass-lines and dreamy fantasy synths further ensure the uniqueness of the listening experience. Tippstrip has released many singles for various labels as well as one full length album for Bach Music. The latest release is HP_003, mastered by Martin Vice (Iboga Records) and released on Iono Music. The single track Hidden Gems is a collaboration track with the psy-trance artist Nevalis from Bosnia and Herzegovina, also released on Iono Music. This track has reached #40 in Top 100 Beatport Tracks on the Psy-Trance chart. he second album "Rustendorf" is another cinematic story which speaks about the past of Tippstrip. 8 deep and gloomy tracks on this album will suck you in and will not let you out until you connect with your current mental state and get in touch with your deeper self. The listening experience is rather unique and not very commercial sounding. https://www.tippstrip.com https://www.youtube.com/@Tippstrip
  7. Postovah na black preporukama vec, jeste dobar rad
  8. Fish in Oil u velikoj sali doma kulture Studentski grad Ponedeljak 06.02.2023. u 20.00h
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