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  1. in other news, kažu ljudi o ovom Black boxu koji je izašao I just got the Walmart version of the Black Album and am listening to it right now. Holy shit. It's a genuinely enjoyable listening experience. Not only is the remaster great, it's also a really clean pressing. I don't remember the last time I put the stylus down on a record and there was no surface noise whatsoever until the music kicked in. I was about to buy a new cartridge because I thought my equipment had to be at fault, but it's just that all my other records are apparently shit haha. The Black Album remaster from this year is one of THE best sounding records in my collection, massive sounding. Yeah it’s fucken amazing, it pretty much puts all other nowadays pressings to shame. It almost sounds as though it’s been re-recorded, I’m hearing guitar parts I never noticed before. I am not a fan of remasters,you just don't fck with the original.Although a couple of albums are good in a remastered version.A new one I can add to that small list: The Black Album.I love it!
  2. opet ovaj nesrećnik nešto džangrlja
  3. ceo EP, dobar materijal
  4. izašao novi, preslušan, došao da napišem isti post kao iznad ni manje, ni više od onoga što redovno isporučuju, ja skroz zadovoljan
  5. kuruz


    a to samo neznalice rade
  6. bilo kakav klip iz Klinike potpuno diskredituje onoga ko ga je okačio, odnosno obesmišljava sve izrečeno i napisano i čini da preskačem ceo taj post odvratni maloumnici
  7. izašao Ravens Creed https://en.metal-tracker.com/torrents/318150.html
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