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  1. Iron Maiden seventh son of a seventh son Iron Maiden book of souls
  2. Motörhead Ace of spades ♠️ Motorhead Irob fist 👊
  3. Assassin68


    De profundis mada i Litany je blizu
  4. Najdrazi Kreator albumi Pleasure to kill Extreme aggressions Terrible certainty Endless pain Violent revolution Coma of souls Enemy of god Endorama Out of the dark je omiljeni live ali i kasniji su jako dobri
  5. Flotsam and Jetsam Blood in the water Accept Too mean to die Brainstorm Wall of skulls Nekromantheon Visions of Trismegistas Paradox Heresy ii Cannibal corpse Violence unbound Hooded menace The tritons bell Exodus Persona non grata Pestilence Exitvs UDO Game over ADX Rage Resurrection day Nervosa Perpetual chaos Steel bearing hand Scaffold Codex gigas
  6. Crystal viper the cult Paranorm Empyrean Paradox Heresy ii Haunt Beautiful distraction Asphyx Necroeros Darkfall Mortal strike split
  7. Raven Live at the inferno Enforcer From beyond Death by fire Gary Moore Parisienne walkways Motorhead Iron fist Sorcerer Gates of Babylon
  8. Accept Too mean to die Nekromantheon Trismegistas Cannibal corpse Violence unbound Exodus Persona non grata UDO game over Rage Resurrection day ADX Etranges visions Suffocation Live in America Fueled by fire Disrupted single Gama bomb a Thunder over London ep Bernie Marsden Chess Armored saint Symbol of salvation live Sorcerer cover singles Alcatrazz V Pestilence Exitvs
  9. Izuzetno iskren i posvecen bend za svako postovanje
  10. Assassin68


    Pesme koje su do sada pustane zvuce odlicno Thrash album godine u najavi uz Nekromantheon Another lesson in violence licni favorit medju Exodus omotima I Tempo
  11. Uprkos drasticnoj promeni postave zvuci prepoznatljivo I old shkul cak I ako se previse trude Vise deluje kalkulisano nego spontano pisano i svirano ali opet dovoljno zabavno za slusanje
  12. Assassin68


    Jos Jedan odlican album u najavi
  13. Raven Live at the Inferno Gary Moore Parisienne walkways the blues collection
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