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  1. staind definitivno nije bend za "lozenje" ....
  2. ljubavi...mi se znamo odavno....samo si ti zaboravila skroz na to...ali nema vez.e.. iovako nije bitno...
  3. Wed, Dec 15, 2004 - CLINT HAS LEFT THE CURRENT SEVENDUST TOUR As of Tuesday morning, December 14, 2004, Clint Lowery has left the current Sevendust tour due personal issues. Sevendust has made the decision to continue its present tour for its deserving fans and deliver a show one has come to expect from the Sevendust moniker
  4. ivane ljubavi...jel sada tolerishemo vredjanje ?! ili da pishemo pp moderatorima da se zalimo kako nista ne radis kako treba..tz tz tz ...
  5. STONE SOUR ON ROADRAGE DVD The brand new low-price 'Roadrage' DVD sampler will be released on Aug 30th, and here is the confirmed tracklisting: 1. Slipknot - 'Duality' 2. Soulfly - 'Prophecy' 3. Killswitch Engage – 'Rose Of Sharyn' 4. Ill Nino - 'This Time's For Real' 5. Ill Nino - 'How Can I Live' 6. DevilDriver 'I Could Care Less' 7. 36 Crazyfists 'At The End Of August' 8. Red Tape 'Stalingrad' 9. Fear Factory - 'Cyberwaste' 10. Machine Head - 'Imperium (uncensored version)' 11. Dirty Americans 'Strange Generation' 12. Chimaira - 'Pure Hatred' 13. Chimaira – 'Powertrip' 14. Every Time I Die 'Ebolorama' 15. Every Time I Die 'I Been Gone A Long Time' 16. Scarlet 'Untitled' 17. Stone Sour - 'Bother' 18. Murderdolls - "Love At First Fright' 19. Hatebreed 'Live For This' 20. Hatebreed 'This Is Now' 21. From Autumn To Ashes 'The Royal Crown Vs…' 22. 40 Below Summer 'Self-Medicate' 23. To My Surprise 'In The Mood' 24. Twelve Tribes 'Venus Complex' 25. Thornley 'So Far, So Good' 26. Nickelback 'Figured You Out'
  6. malo ste zakasnili...to je vec odradjeno na proslom maskenbalu... uostalom... radi se na svakom mogucem maskenbalu...
  7. hmm....mislim da je malo vishe od toga... oni su umetnost...
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