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  1. http://ulver.bandcamp.com/album/messe-i-x-vi-x
  2. Today – August 1 – was supposed to be the shipping day of pre-ordered editions and shirts of MESSE I.X–VI.X. We have not yet announced, or mentioned, a digital release. To the contrary we think it is appropriate to wait with that, but we realize now that we should have been clearer on this point and our policies from the start. The problem with digital is of course once something is "released" it is leaked everywhere in the blink of an eye. Totally takes the air of any balloon. We are, as many of you know by now, not the biggest fans of Spotify and iTunes etc., as money generated through those services only goes to the capital that may be. The whole point of putting up our own exclusive editions for pre-order, was to take control of the cash flow and come out stronger economically. It's a bummer, of course, that the pressing has been delayed, but we think it is only fair to hold back digital streaming until the physical products has been shipped to those of you who have purchased from us directly. Digital release is planned for September 1 via our own webshop and Bandcamp. And then September 23 on Spotify and iTunes etc., coinciding with the release of Kscope's standard editions. As we have said before, those who have bought from us will not regret it. Thank you so much for your understanding, we are truly sorry you all have to wait a bit longer. But please know, it makes all the difference. Ulver, Oslo, August 1 2013.
  3. Millennium


    Može i ovo da posluži dok se ne pojavi rip: http://www.myspace.com/variousartists-49207321/music/albums/tribute-to-emperor-in-honour-of-icon-e-18567869
  4. kompjuter ti se pozlatio i tebi mnogo zajeban ep. nisu od ISE izdali nešto ovako dobro.
  5. Izgleda da nema. Ali možeš da poslušaš obe pesme preko youtube-a.
  6. Upravo sam naleteo na ovo: Mnogo dobra pesma!
  7. Ima li kakvih novosti o bonus pesmama?
  8. Ne mogu do tada da čekam
  9. Da li su se pojavili linkovi za bonus pesme?
  10. Xasthur je postao veoma popularan u "intelektualnim" krugovima. Ako nekoga zanima kojim slucajem na sledecim blogovima moze procitati sta se o doticnom pise iz te perspektive: http://codepoetics.com/poetix/?p=355 http://surrealdocuments.blogspot.com/2007/...ve-epitaph.html http://www.o-books.com/product_info.php?products_id=612
  11. DRVO Mirjani N. Zasadili su me u parku Da noću zrim I slušam koračanje mladih Svoju mi ljubav vešaju o vrat Ja samo... širim ruke OKTOBAR 2004.
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