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  1. got'h this.. made my day!!
  2. do sledeceg snimanja .. aaaa this.song... so proud of what you all have achieved with the band, so far ))))) respect guys!!
  3. koji dozivljaj vidjeti ih po treci put, jedna od slika s fona prije no koncert krenuo, 9pm till 11, with 14.000 awesome IMaiden fanssss do sad najbolji njihov koncert u Melb!! UP THE IRONS!!
  4. Helle

    Amon Amarth

    AAAAAAWESOME!! So happy!!
  5. Bas gledam sad na fbooku. SUPER svaka cast Iffy!! Awesome photo, made my day!!
  6. aaaa gledaj ga aaaaa!! svaka cast Iffy!!
  7. Happy 60'th Birthday STEVE!!!! See you in MElbourne!!!!!!!
  8. Helle

    Black Sabbath

    https://www.livenation.com.au/artists/black-sabbath idemo!!
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