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  1. Ili nemaju novi materijal? Ajde da se okupimo i da snimimo nesto samo da javimo da smo se vratili... Koliko glupa obrada
  2. madball


    Dobra ova zadnja
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    Koliko je jebeno bolesna...
  4. "Do Or Die" One life, one will Black heart, black steel Ignore the hate, it's do or die motherfucker, die motherfucker (This is do or die) My hate is real This fire, it kills No other choice, it's do or die motherfucker, die I don't give a fuck about you haters and your hate You assholes better duck, I'm coming swinging out the gate There's not a metal band I ain't influenced Now I'm calling out the Judas Every band's the fucking same We'll do it over, oh what you hated bastards? Catharsis made you sick, your mind was made before it hit Contort your speaker
  5. Tekstovi su mu prilicno imbecilni u zadnje vreme... a i pesma je kurac
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