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  1. Sachnoth


    Vidim da se svi interesujete pa da objavim i ovde: Sa malim zakašnjenjem švedska underground black metal kuća Satanic Propaganda Records je konačno izbacila kasetno izdanje prvog demo snimka benda! Kaseta se za sad može poručiti preko SPR-a a uskoro i preko benda u ograničenim količinama! http://www.satanicpropaganda.cjb.net/ http://www.myspace.com/satanicpropagandarecords
  2. Sachnoth


    Recenzija sa Black Belle Webzine-a: BEHEST- HIS APOTHEOSIS Serbia�s Behest are deeply religious to the point where they list it as one of the genres their music exists in and refer to their songs, at least on this four track as �psalms�. However before you get it into your head that they are bible toting message of love delivering god puppets you best ensure your church is fully fire retardant before inviting them along to give a little sermon. The four piece (technically a trio with a session drummer) have their religious leanings extending far more towards the completely opposite end of the spectrum, more correctly, following the left hand path. Inspired by Satanism, Philosophy, Divinity, decadence, salvation, damnation, flesh, and sin Behest play a potent brand of satanic black metal blending the snarling vehement attitude of Behexen with shades of old Gorgoroth, sprinklings of Carpathian Forest, even reminiscent of more obscure USBM acts like Krieg. As black as a faceful of ink from a pissed off octopus and as evil as sending Nattefrost along to teach classes at Sunday school this stomping four track of fury starts off evenly and sedately with �Psalm I-Porta Inferna� breaking out a mellow progression of notes on a guitar. This atmosphere is abruptly and savagely overwhelmed by a harsh clattering of cymbals and then an incendiary blare of black riffing. Vocalist Desekrator bears a demonic set of pipes, spewing forth hateful growls in rapid succession, ranting alongside cold blades of guitar, pounding drums, whip like bass with a distinct lack of female voices or the tinkling of keyboards. The original refrain which preceded the stygian inundation can occasionally be heard swimming in the melee but more often than not it is beaten into submission by the weaponry of the other instrumentation. �Psalm II-Heresiarch� travels in a similarly vindictive fashion, though with no gentler strums of guitar leading it to cushion the blow, it drops the listener straight into a boiling black cauldron of gnashing teeth riffing and clouds of black with lyrical toxin croaked out in the frontmans gravely style. Slower though no less virulent segments populated by undulating drum rolls and the suggestions of thick bass drift in to temporarily decelerate the momentum but it consistently returns to its primal pacing before a sudden conclusion. It�s a toss up between the latter two Psalms �Psalm III-Choir Of The Altered Saints� and �Psalm IV-Canceric Invokation� as to which is the clear stand out track of the EP. The most mid paced of the four is �Psalm III-Choir Of The Altered Saints� buzzing with a measured malevolency and less of the straight forward barbed black metal attack than its brethren and a little more thrash oriented spike in the guitars. This particular approach continues for a good two thirds of the song with a lyrical point of view which should come as no surprise to anybody by now; Behest make no secret whatsoever about where their allegiances lie. There is a chunky grind to the slog of the riffs here, initially not so furiously ice laden as the majority of the songs but punishing nonetheless and then shape shifting back into familiar frozen black battlegrounds near the end. The baleful Carpathian Forest vibe is alive and evil in final number �Psalm IV-Canceric Invokation�, this one jets into action with a razor wire riff which wouldn�t be out of place nestled among the gleeful wrongness of �Black Shining Leather�. The densely crammed �Psalm IV� is an ideal finale to a brief fiery blasphemy blasted demo, it shimmers with a fierce urgency and has the most intensity of any of the tracks. Thick with bass and thundering drum bursts it steps away from the medium pace dallied with on �Psalm III� and launches back into the speed generated on the earlier Psalms. Behest are not the most groundbreaking or the most technical of bands, they elect to blast away with relentless drum work and sheets of black metal guitars instead of complicating things with unnecessary break downs, solos and similar rubbish but what they are is bereft of pretension and deadly serious about their dedication to their cause, forging out black metal anthems to suit themselves. Aside from the fact that the demo is a little on the succinct side, maybe stretching to the fifteen minute mark there is not much I don�t like about it. It is a great representation of the current black metal scene in Serbia by an underground band few people may get the chance to hear. Never mind turning up to the house of brainwash to worship an alleged prophet, come and get some of this religion.
  3. Sachnoth


    Hvala. Intervju za Sinister Zine.
  4. Sachnoth


    Prva *recenzija* demo-a. ...ili nesto najpribliznije tome...
  5. Poslusao sam demo, detaljnije posle nekoliko slusanja. Full support!
  6. Sachnoth


    Ne. Usled nepredvidjenih okolnosti i novonastale situacije bend se moze smatrati kao 'on hold' dok se neke stvari ne razrese. Samim tim, nastup benda na predstojecem NEFEST-u je otkazan.
  7. Sachnoth


    Jesam jbt, na onu adresu koju si mi 2 puta dao.
  8. Sachnoth


    Beograđanima nisam slao diskove čisto zato što će u toku naredene nedelje biti ostavljeno 10ak diskova u Mordor pa će moći tamo da ih pokupe. Ne mogu da smislim pošte. Hvala svima na supportu! Anti-flesh!
  9. Sachnoth


    Kasetno izdanje demo snimka izbaciće švedska underground kuća Satanic Propaganda Records krajem ove/početkom sledeće godine sa drugačijim omotom.
  10. Sachnoth


    Tebi privatna poruka xP Sve je poslato isti dan. @sprmn:
  11. Ko bi rek'o da je ovo tema o Zaklanome :roll
  12. Sachnoth


    @Diewith Yourbootson: 'ajde iskombinovaćemo neko pijenje sutra, taman ćeš dobiti disk pošto ćemo ih deliti ispred droljanje or smth. Nisam skinuo još mrtvi si es aj, skidao sam neka druga sranja. @Aronax: Izvinjavam se ljudima kojima još nisam poslao diskove, neke stvari su se oteglile, svi smo imali neke frke ove nedelje ali biće regulisano sve što pre. Elem... Zoli, koji je pristupio bendu samo za snimanje demo snimka je pristao da odradi nekoliko svirki sa bendom, ali o tome više reči kasnije...
  13. Sachnoth


    Daj adresu. Inače, bend traži stalnog bubnjara ili makar bubnjara za svirke, pa ako ima zainteresovanih iz NS-a ili okoline, neka se jave
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