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    Ako se ne varam, na tom ep su saradjivali sa Masami Akitom (Merzbow), a to nije split nego "collaboration". p.s.Danilo, ispravi me ako gresim...
  2. Dr Alex


    Neko je kukao da nigde nema textova za Panopticon... E pa evo ima... So Did We Our skin worn thin Our bones exposed Life reduced to ticks. From forest caves and azure skies We crashed upon this earth. The years they passed and so did we And resistance would be brought. Backlit Always object Never subject Can you see us? Are we there? Are we there... Can you see me? We are watching We are watching... You are fading... In the daylight... Fading Always upon you, light never ceases Lost from yourself, light never ceases Thousands of eyes, gaze never ceases Light is upon you, life in you ceases In Fiction Through fiction we saw the birth of futures yet to come Yet in fiction lay their bones Ugly in their nakedness Get on your knees mortal son We cannot hide ourselves Wills Dissolve Those eyes and (this) tower have seeped into our open veins Uncoiled was it's strength And our souls en masse Poured down in sheets of rain And dissolved 'neath their feet Circling further down Our wills dossolve 'neath their feet Syndic Calls Rise in morning air Greeted by cinders of the dead Syndic calls your name Show your thinned face at the window Is this the next last day? Prepare to be carried by the "crows" Heavy hand upon the land Feel it's weight inside you Grinning Mouths Magistrates dream of plague Tongues loll in anticipation You are awake in their darker visions Drool slips from grinning mouths The plague is forced on us all Is it there? Are they there? Shouts of fact abound But whispers of truth burn through Is it there? Are they there?
  3. Stvarno fenomenelan bend. Pre par dana sam nabavio demo koji je snimljen pod nazivom Tyrant.
  4. Reverend Bizarre R.I.P. Raspade se jedan od naj boljih doom bendova
  5. ....sati provedeni na netu, smaranje po sajtovima .... Zezam se, nasao ih na metal archivesu
  6. Da li neko ima covere za sve Sunn O))) albume osim 00 Void. Znaci Trebaju mi bar prednja i zandja strana. Ako neko ima PLEASE neka mi posalje.
  7. Ja nasao textove za A wintersunset.... Evo ih... Under Dreamskies Storm skies from the nights shadows of the forest lie inside and gleaming emeralds in decorative tones brushed by the ice under circles Her timeless beauty started to wither a green voice in her heart she touched the red leaves in sorrow a farewell was found inside Oh my dreamless night again under the sea of moonshine of this night Through darkened place in times of pale we have traversed do not fear the wounds of their swords Let me dream of crystal lakes lit by the sun, the moon or the stars of green meadows and creations of elves and proud pagan hearts oh let me retreat 'neath fields embraced by winds and by your kiss oh you dwell in these ancient woods where the fantasy begins Under dreamskies we will march towards the fortress of our love the fair credence known to us will be as long as eternal kiss The Franconian Woods In Winter`s Silence Wrapped in morning silence of these emerald streams lonesome voice I hear the ravens cry grieving art the morning songs The love of the forests' tranquility just ice cold winds whisper to me as if a wild rose were trapped my bleeding heart a gentle breeze opens wings and [_?_] falls apart Enchant like a dream the Franconian woods Enchant me embrace me Franconian woods Autumn infinity in the vastness of countless trees I walk through purity lies in the sceneries Cast for this winter hike I see the north and it's fountain of light morning from ice The scenery of the night The Yearning I ride through day and night listen wind, they art my fellows Eternally I am looking for the eye inside my heart the yearning grows I rode through the forest [_?_] over mountains have I but it seems they touch the sky run through meadows so lonely wrestled up streams so clean My lips art so cold where is the tongue that melts the ice and snow? My grief is infinite where are art thou who heals my wounds? I ride through day and night crystal wind bring me my fellows Eternally I am looking for the eye the palace of the earth Autumn Grey Views Lifeless they fall apart... golden as our precious art... My love sinks into a thick grey veil of mist. Trees... leafless trees... the epitaph of the sun. What once was green presents now grey and trist. A gloomy grave... a foreseen death... a symbol for our pain... drowned in a flood of autumn rain. Silhouettes of light astray somewhere in the clouds. Ravens traverse, involving withering shrouds... Ordain'd To Thee Could not even [_?_] that [_?_] my eyes and see that there was blood through there long times ago Oh my love now bring the day with [_?_] even if it's lavender and I am violet by thy shame Never more like the silver hands of the moon With it's sheild of screams Sensation dark as thy splendid diamonds She is like me, autumn her love like a bird I might wish my freedom Eyes like a sapphire full of desire hair of gold and lips of fire thou art like the waters, so soft is thy skin thou art the raven wishing he could sing like an ember, this I writhe and I loathe a flash of lightning so shattering thy rest thou art the wind that carries't me up Oh she's everything I cannot see in my dreams she does not let me be now [_?_] try to [_?_] takest me Longings of belief art past but the hollow echoes not died away this is all over eternally but it seems it hath been yesterday Now abandon me [_?_] for a kiss it's making us feel sad [_?_] the wetness I feel under tears of mine that pour faster thans't they leave
  8. Bathory - Twilight Of The Gods Dark Senctuary - bilo sta
  9. Ne naravno da nije!! Dobre muzike nikad dosta. Koje albume posedujes jer ja nemam sve?
  10. Necu da pricam nista samo cu da kazem da je Tilo GENIJE i treba ga nominovati za nobelovu nagradu za muziku (ako to postoji)
  11. Ma ne seri??? Otkuda ti to?? Za se nevidi po slikama? Nabavio sam bukvalno sve+ 4 originala! Ona/on tj. To je genije ima musku i zensku stranu!!
  12. Nabavio live clip od Desire!!!!!
  13. Ne mogu da se pomirim sa cinjenicom da vise ne postoje I ne mogu da prestanem da slusam The Funeral Album Genijalan je!!!
  14. Danas sam saznao sa Bedemon-ovog sajta. Pakleno me je rastuzio. Neka pociva u miru sa znanjem da ce njegova muzika zauvek ostati u iskrenim doom fanovima. R.I.P. my doom brother!
  15. Zaboravih da naglasim da je za Italije. I evo i oficialnog sajta (malkice izgleda mizerno) Paul Chain
  16. Da li neko zna ko je Paolo Catena? Poznatiji pod imenom Paul Chain. Izdao je oko 30 idanja. Usao je u legendu doom metal-a. Naki albumi su cist Traditional Doom, neki su uvrnute gitarske improvizacije, a neki su mesavina dark ambient-a,doom-a i opere. Vrlo intersantno. Steta st je prestao sa radom Evo i kompletne diskografije: 1984: 'Detaching From Satan' (LP) Minotauro 1986: 'In The Darkness' (LP) Minotauro 1986: 'Picture Disk' (LP) Minotauro 1987: 'Opera 4th' (LP) Minotauro 1987: 'Paul Chain/Sabotage Split' (Split 10 inch) Minotauro 1988: 'Ash' (LP) Minotauro 1989: 'Violet Art Of Improvisation' (2LP) Minotauro 1989: 'Mirror' (7 inch.) Flight Nineteen 1989: 'Life And Death' (LP) Minotauro 1990: 'Opera Decima - The World Of The End' (Boxset) Minotauro 1990: 'Opera Decima - The World Of The End' (2CD) Minotauro 1991: 'Les Temps Du Grand Frère' (7 inch.) Flight Nineteen 1991: 'Whited Sepulchres' (CD) Minotauro 1993: 'Red Light' (Split 7 inch.) La Bande A' Bonnot 1993: 'In Concert' (Live CD) Labirinth 1993: 'Sangue' (Split 7 inch.) Chansons D'Amour 1994: 'Dies Irae' (CD) Minotauro 1995: 'Alkahest' (CD) Godhead 1996: 'Yellow Acid/Needful' (7 inch.) LM 1996: 'Emisphere' (2CD) Minotauro 1997: 'Mirror' (Compilation) Minotauro 1997: 'King Of The Dream/Ash/Picture Disc' (Compilation) Minotauro 1998: 'Paul Chain - Experimental Information/Fucktotum Split' (Split Mcd) Path Of Experiences 1999: 'Official Live Bootleg' (Live CD) Minotauro 2000: 'Solitude Man' (7 inch.) Beyond Productions 2000: 'Paul Chain - The Improvisor/Internal Void Split' (Split 7 inch.) Southern Lord 2001: 'Sign From Space' (CD) Beard of Stars 2001: 'Master Of All Times' (CD) Andromeda Relics 2001: 'Demos' (Demo) Unknown 2001: 'Sanctuary Heve' (7 inch.) Beyond Productions 2001: 'Container 47' (CD) LM 2002: 'Park Of Reason' (CD) Beyond Productions 2003: 'Johar/Paul Chain Split' (Split CD) Quasar 2003: 'Cosmic Wind' (CD) Beard Of Stars 2004: 'Unreleased Vol. 1' (Compilation) NLM 2004: 'Unreleased Vol. 2' (Compilation) Minotauro
  17. Znam,bre, ali sta fali nastupu? Mene je odusevio!!!
  18. Dr Alex


    Nego sta nego zanimljiv band. Vrlo suicidan band (kako kazu), mada se i nisam nesto odusevio iako su vrlo originalni. Nego sta, kolega doomadzijo A ja bih dodao Abysmal Grief i Paul Chain-a.
  19. Ovaj bend je shit. Novi bend Markusa iz Empyrium-a. Posle Empyrium-a ovakav krs stvarno nisam ocekivao, a ni njegov stari pajtos Noekk me nije odusevio svojim idanjem-sranjem
  20. Nabavio sam novi T. O N. DVD. Gledao sam ga 5-6 puta. Genijalan je iako su ga oni glupsoni u metal hammeru popljuvali. Dvd je pun zajebancija i dobrih live pesama. Stvarno genijalno. SHIT FUN
  21. I ja se ubih da nadjem toj DVD. Ako ga nadjem ostvicu post.
  22. Izadje toliko ocekivani novi album!!! Ubih se od slusanja. Preporucujem pesmu I LONG. Saturnus is alive AGAIN!!!!!!!
  23. Ovo je KVLT!!!!!!!!! Ultra doom!!! Jadna devojcica ko zna sta joj je radio O' Malley za vreme snimanja pa da onako urla Na live pesmi se malcice zakasljala Sve u svemu fantastican band!
  24. Pesma : Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Album : Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath Ko misli da nije neka ga preslusa. Ako jos uvek misli da nije onda je glup ili slusa gothic
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