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Swedish metallers PAIN, who are led by HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren, have issued the following update:


"What the hell is going on?! Well… It's been a while since the last update and we thought it was about time to let you in on a couple of things.


"The last couple of months every one of us has been pretty busy with anything but PAIN. As you may know, Peter has been concentrating on HYPOCRISY this year and recently came home from a successful tour in South America. David [Wallin, drums], who just got signed up with Zildjian, is working for Unique Pyrotechnic along with doing a lot of different stand-in club shows in Sweden. Johan [Husgafvel, bass] became a dad in August [mother is his girlfriend, NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon. — Ed.] (best wishes from us all), and the more time spent away from PAIN means the more time spent with his family. Michael [bohlin, guitar] is working with different side projects along with his work for Digidesign.


"Now, the following months will be dedicated to PAIN and to finish the new songs. Up 'till today eight songs are more or less ready to go, and at least three or four more are needed before we can start recording. Our plans are to start the recordings in late 2010 or early 2011, and have the album ready for a worldwide release sometime in May 2011. After that, we're about to hit the road and do as many of the summer festivals as we can. Of course, there will be a headline tour as well, and if everything works out we'll even break new grounds. Work has also begun with designing a new stage set that will be something out of the average.


"As you may understand we're more eager than ever to record this album, make it the best, and play it for you live. So stay tuned and visit our websites for continuous information, studio reports, album details, and the first show dates for 2011."



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Swedish metallers PAIN, who are led by HYPOCRISY mainman Peter Tägtgren, are working on the follow-up to 2008's "Cynic Paradise". NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon, who also happens to be the girlfriend of PAIN bassist Johan Husgafvel, writes on her official blog that Tägtgren is putting the finishing touches on the new CD this week.


"The album will be out approximately in June," she says, "and so far I have listened to seven of the songs and they are really good! The new songs are more aggressive, faster tempo and also include new elements they haven't used before. A more 'dark' album in the lyrics and also in his way of singing. One song is more like HYPOCRISY, so if you like that you'll have that one as a favorite."


She adds, "When I first heard the songs I thought it was quite different from the last album and it is. The more I listen to the songs the more I like them and I think it will be a great one! I can see them do their famous headspins live to this album, too."



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Track listing for new PAIN album:


01. Let Me Out

02. The Dark

03. The Great Pretender

04. You Only Live Twice

05. Dirty Woman

06. We Want More

07. Leave Me Alone

08. Feed The Monster

09. Sleeping With The Dead

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Swedish industrial metal outfit PAIN, the solo project of musician and producer Peter Tägtgren, will release its seventh album, "You Only Live Twice", on June 3 via Nuclear Blast Records.


Commented Tägtgren: "[The title] has nothing to do with James Bond. I am sure i will hear this for the rest of my life! The title song is mainly about people struggling.


"Don't you wish you had another chance? Don't you wanna live twice? Like you're always jealous of other people. How good their life is or they won on lotto or anything. It's about jealousy in general towards other people that surrounds you. About not being satisfied with what you have. Trying to create this fantasy world that you can live twice kind of…"

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Peter Tägtgren: „I really wanted something „Nightmare Before Christmas“ meets „Alice In Wonderland“ kind of feeling but with our mascot, the painhead in it. And Heile created that after what i wanted. And he did it in his own way. It really has this kinda tim burton feel to it. It will be really crazy with a big backdrop. We also gonna do some inflatable stuff with our Painhead. Its gonna be our Eddie, like IRON MAIDEN has it.“

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