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    Nisam imala internet pa nisam mogla da odg. Pa meni je stigao mail i evo prva strana: D.X. FERRIS Reign in Blood: The Songs and Their Impact “Angel of Death” Reign in Blood opens with humanity’s worst-case-scenario (to date). “Angel of Death” is the kind of explicit reminder you won’t get from the Arcade Fire, Radiohead, or some emo singer who thinks life in modern America is a series of sad, overwhelming events. Slayer warn us: When authority goes wrong, your entire family can be slaughtered, their bones crushed to dust, and forgotten in mud. Hell Awaits took ninety long seconds to grab your throat and squeeze. Reign in Blood hits the road in fifth gear. From the first second, stereo blasts of percussive guitar and bass drive so hard it’s not clear the drums haven’t kicked in until Dave Lombardo’s cymbals ride in like the fourth horseman of the apocalypse. “You can’t top the beginning of ‘Angel of Death,’” says Nuclear Assault’s Dan Lilker. “It’s like getting on the roller coaster.” Then Tom Araya delivers one of heavy metal’s great screams, and follows it with lyrics that—coincidentally—give it some context. The shriek doesn’t have the artful nuance of a Rob Halford hellion cry, but not many moments better embody heavy metal’s primal aggression. “It’s a perfect scream for that song,” says Beyond Fear singer Tim “Ripper” Owens. “For him, I don’t think it was much of a skill [move]. I think he’d be the first to admit it. I like his singing. He’s mastered it. Years ago, it was pretty heavy, but now, it’s really melodic too. He’s got a pretty cool tone.” I tako dalje... Ima samo 8 strana. Ja cu citati kad nadjem vremena. Pozdrav!
  2. Ivl Sarmica


    Ulaze u studio 1.Februara a album ce bidne na leto... Evo posaljite mail ako niste na [email protected] i posalju vam odlomak iz knjige "Reign In Blood"
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