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  1. THE FORESHADOWING - Days Of Nothing
  2. Neka moderator brise ovu temu, jer je ociti spam.
  3. Svirace drugog dana Legacy festivala (3:15-4:00)
  4. Jeste slabiji od prva 2, ali opet je jako dobar, samo ga moras poslusati par puta i sve legne kako treba
  5. Raspali su se, ali na "Metal Archives" i dalje stoji da im je status "on hold".
  6. Ova tema treba da ide na Power podforum.
  7. Temu sam vec davno otvorio http://www.yumetal.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=35669
  8. Legendary UK doom metallers MY DYING BRIDE have announce the extension of their partnership with Peaceville Records. On signing the new deal guitarist Andrew Craighan commented "We've been with Peaceville since the release of our very first album way back in 1992 and it's a pleasure to announce that we'll continue working together for the coming future, as we feel there is a great understanding between ourselves and Peaceville moving forward, and both look forward to bringing more crushing doom your way soon." The new My Dying Bride live CD/DVD set, An Ode to Woe is available now and
  9. Ljudi se sutiraju? Ja sam mislio samo lopta.
  10. Velis li "sto je brzo, to je i kuso"
  11. Zao mi je sto su promijenili ime i sad ga skratili na samo Slough Feg.
  12. Dok ne vidim tacan datum za izdavanje albuma, necu nista da vjerujem.
  13. "Malo"? Za tvoju informaciju, album je proslog proljeca trebao da izadje, ali se zbog raznih okolnosti sve mnogo oduzilo. Sad se spominje septembar, a ni to nije definitivno.
  14. Hey !!! Pheeeeeeeeeeewwwww…. it's been a long fucking year negotiating this deals, not something we've enjoyed too much , it's taken its toll on everything from economi to psyche. BUT now it's finally done and we are extremely curious on what the future has in it's hands for us ! We have made changes in everything surrounding Evergrey , everything from management, record-label to booking and , perhaps most important, changed our own approach to this thing called EVERGREY. It came to a time a while ago where we ALL were tired of everything surrounding this bitch called the music-
  15. Jedva sam cekao novi album, bez obzira sto nije vise Jioti u bendu, ali bolje da ga nisam cuo. Nula! Ni cemu ne vrijedi. Njegovim odlaskom, Human Fortress je postao potpuno drugaciji.
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