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  1. Hail Metal


    pisanje po radonji do fajnal fora, tada dolazi Kampaco za stipendiju
  2. Hail Metal


    I mi smo oslabljeni, pustice vam Zeljko eventualno kup i dogodine se pravi drim tim za osvajanje Evrolige, poslace Milojevic na kaljenje najvece talente NBA lige, svi ce igrati za stipendiju . Mutant ode u stecaj kad propadne ruski svet, znaci dogodine i onda se mutant vraca gde je i bio na margine jugoslovenske kosarke Ispusili 20 razlike od Baskonije, izgubili od PAO koji gubi 20 razlike od Albe, najgori ste, ali bolje i vi da igrate nego Rusi
  3. Hail Metal


    Jedina uteha sto je i mutant iz S. sUPANCA gori
  4. Hail Metal


    Strasno, gotov je Zelimir , alkohol uzeo svoje
  5. Prolazak grupe najveci domet . Piksi Bog Dzej Dzej lige i podguzna muva , ali ako predje grupu onda je usao u legendu
  6. Hail Metal


    Olako se provukao Pesic posle ovakve blamaze, smeniti demagoga i dovesti Milojevica.
  7. Guitarist Michael Angelo Batio Will Perform With MANOWAR On Their Forthcoming “Crushing The Enemies Of Metal” Anniversary Tour 2023 Following guitarist E.V. Martel’s announcement that he will not be available next year, MANOWAR have invited metal shred legend Michael Angelo Batio to perform with them. Martel announced on social media that he will take a break from touring for personal reasons. He added: “MANOWAR, their crew, along with all the Manowarriors around the world have been really great to me from the moment I came onboard. I could not be more thankful for the good times we have shared.” "We love and respect E.V. and support his decision.” said Joey DeMaio. “He is a true brother, and we’ll forever share unforgettable memories like playing near the Arctic Circle or in Mexico for the first time!" Batio, who will play his first shows with MANOWAR starting February 2023 is a veteran both in the studio and on stage. Voted by Guitar One Magazine the "No. 1 Fastest Guitar Shredder of All Time" Chicago-native Batio is an accomplished musician in many genres, but is best known for his lightning fast metal performances. He is renowned the world over for his technical mastery of the fretboard, extremely fast picking and his invention, the "MAB Over Under" technique. His ability to play a double-necked and quad-necked guitar, using both hands has earned him the respect of fans and fellow musicians alike. “We’ve known Michael for many years and have always admired his work.” said Joey DeMaio. “His technique is astounding, When we invited him to come and jam with us we played together at the speed of light. Everything fell into place immediately. We’re ready for a killer tour! “I could not be more excited!” said Michael Angelo Batio. “I love metal more than anything, and it doesn’t get more metal than MANOWAR! I can’t wait to get on stage and play for the MANOWAR fans!” MANOWAR’s “Crushing The Enemies Of Metal Anniversary Tour 2023” celebrates the band’s over four decades long career and iconic albums such as “Battle Hymns”, “Into Glory Ride, “The Triumph Of Steel” and “Warriors Of The World”. For tour dates and ticket info go to www.manowar.com/tour
  8. Hail Metal


    zvezda ne postoji, posle istanbula najveci uspeh kk partizan. nema rusa tu je partizan. kako lep naziv ruskog sela https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krasny_Partizan
  9. blood of my enemies > cela diskografija i koncerti mejdena
  10. Hail Metal


    zvezda ne postoji
  11. Hail Metal


    sns kradja smrt fasizmu ziveo partizan !!!
  12. Hail Metal


    to stoji, tako je to kad je puno crnaca
  13. Hail Metal


    karanka !!!
  14. Koje jaje od kluba ovaj ManUtd, 10 godina nisu bili prvaci. Nastavljamo brojanje.
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