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  1. Definitivno bolji naziv a Scabbia je izjavila da će biti jači i mračniji od Shallow Life-a, koji je za mene kao fana svih albuma do 2009. bio promašaj. Potpuno razumem da bend treba da se menja i evoluira ali oni su otišli u lošem pravcu, po meni to je bio potez totalne komercijalizacije i pokušaja zadobijanja novih fanova (koji su ljubitelji novog Linkin Park-a a ne stare Lacune i jakih pesama), a samim tim sledile su i veće pare. Od jednog malog italijanskog gothic sastava pa sve do sada su postigli izuzetno mnogo i nadam se da će se novim albumom vratiti u neki bolji fazon, mada je producen
  2. Artwork za novi album SAMSARA
  3. Sa njihovog myspace-a: Jun 9, 2011 TO / DIE / FOR says http://www.stalker.cd/index.php?lang=2&content=81&id=329 check this out!! New Album called SAMSARA is recorded. Not mixed yet! Looking for ome label to release it and then hit the ROAD! www.facebook.com/tdfofficial www.facebook.com/japevoncrow PEACE,LOVE,FREEDOM,ROCK AND ROLLAH! TDF CLAN! In the studio : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFhaP1arq5E
  4. LEAKOVAO ALBUM! :wub: Style: Modern Metal Artist: In Flames Album: Sounds of A Playground Fading Year: 2011 Bitrate: 192 kbps Size: 90 mb 01. Sounds Of A Playground Fading(4:44) 02. Deliver Us (3:31) 03. All For Me (4:31) 04. The Puzzle (4:34) 05. Fear Is The Weakness (4:01) 06. Where The Dead Ships Dwell (4:26) 07. The Attic (3:12) 08. Darker Times (3:25) 09. Ropes (3:43) 10. Enter Tragedy (3:59) 11. Jester's Door (2:34) 12. A New Dawn (5:52) 13. Liberation (5:01) http://www.filestock.ru/9ke60cnsdshh/In_Flames_-_SoAPF_%282011%29.rar.html
  5. Aaaaaauh, koji bedak Baš sam se nadala novom albumu, a ono medjutim...
  6. Dobar ali Jeff je Jeff... No, kako je tako je... Japan bonus track sa poslednjeg albuma: The Purist's Drug
  7. Vredi. Meni je naročito dobar ovaj remix Lost in my Denial i ova nova Save your Sins je cool.
  8. I ja se pitam, ubi me čekanje više
  9. 45 sec pesme Ropes http://www.filestock.ru/90oafo541ysv/09_Ropes.mp3.html
  10. Kome treba...sa 2 nove pesme. Entwine - Rough N Stripped 2CD 2010 (Best) CD1 Rough: 01. Save Your Sins (04:08) 02. Chameleon Halo (03:34) 03. Still Remains (03:54) 04. Surrender (03:22) 05. Twisted (03:54) 06. Frozen By The Sun (03:14) 07. Bitter Sweet (02:40) 08. The Pit (2010 Version) (03:42) 09. Strife (03:22) 10. Curtained Life (05:40) 11. Break Me (04:47) 12. New Dawn (03:57) 13. Caught By Desire (04:37) 14. Losing The Ground (04:46) 15. Out Of You (03:44) 16. Refill My Soul (04:22) 17. Time Of Despair (2010 Version) (06:13) 18. Thy Guiding L
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNJO3ICRJFk
  12. Neonblack


    We can exclusively reveal that the new Opeth album will be titled 'HERITAGE'. The record is due for release through Roadrunner Records in September. More details to follow soon. http://www.opeth.com/index.php/news/show/id/212
  13. Lacuna Coil have started recording the follow up to their highly successful 2009 “Shallow Life” album which spawned the hit singles “Spellbound” and “I Won’t Tell You”. The band are once again working with producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Bullet For My Valentine), this time choosing to record in their native Italy to help focus on the more personal nature of the new material. “This time around music has been our refuge from some of the darkest days of our life and that's why the new songs have such a variety of feelings... some stuff is pretty angry, probably the heaviest we'v
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