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Wanking Mikica

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This has got to be just about the most retarded mallcore album masquerading as metal I’ve ever heard. Granted, I haven’t heard many, but if this shit came on the radio tomorrow I can guarantee the baggy pant-legged skaterboarder jerkoffs who listen to homosexual noise like this would be all over it in a second.


The most distinguishing aspect of Polars is that it “features” a retarded screamer (of the hardcore genre variety) who sounds like the guy from Korn after he was gang raped in prison by a mob of HIV positive shemales. The guitar riffs are total nu-metal/hardcore faggotry, and I think I even caught a few hardcore breakdowns in there. In case you still have any doubts at all, let me say it once more:






nešto ne verujem da ću nabavljati ovo.

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chuo si samo jednu stvar i tachka...

i na toj stvari nema nu metala mozda na nekoj drugoj...

still stvar je opaka...


a opako ce da bude i batinjanje koje ce azala da sacheka kad se vrati doma jer ne ispisa Dillinger pitanja evo prodje zima...

naoshtrio sam chekic samo za te sisoje!

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volis opeth?





Nikada ih nisam cuo i uopste se ne ponosim tom cinjenicom.

Dva benda koja sam sebi postavio "pod nabaviti" su

1. Opeth i 2.Cynic, nikada nisam cuo niti jednu pesmu od

navedenih bendova a cujem samo hvalospeve o njima.


Jebeni Novi Sad...

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razmeni telefone sa Telom, on ti je tu blizu.. pa mozda mozete i da se vidite da se ljubite.




Da evo, zivot mi je toliko interesantan da od svih aktivnosti

moram da uvrstim i nalazenje sa likovima sa YUMetal foruma icon_smile.gif


Najpre bih uzeo muziku od ovog sa potpisom "volim devojke", najvise obecava icon_smile.gificon_smile.gificon_smile.gif

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