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Pungent Stench

Feniks .

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E sad... Nije fora pricati coveku iza ledja.



















































Kurcio se pred pandurima, umalo bez ovih deset cevapa na rukama da ostanemo! :ph34r:

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A oni se sve vreme ulizivali pandurima,jos bilo jedan koji je cuo za slayer i sepulturu,pa ih poceo da lozi,a ja umalo ne izginu. :ph34r:

rekao je: slejer, sepultura i obitura :) :) :)


@Strahinja Goxy se zrtvovao za sve nas...na sebe je primio policijsku brutalnost i torturu da bi nas spasao :pivopije:

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Long-running Austrian extreme metallers PUNGENT STENCH have finished recording their new album, tentatively due later in the year via an as-yet-undetermined label. The CD, which is currently being mixed by guitarist/vocalist Martin Schirenc (a.k.a. Don Cochino) will feature the following track listing:


01. Opus Dei – Glorified Be Pain!

02. The King Of Smut

03. Devil's Work & Our Contribution

04. Aztec Holiday (Heartless In Tenochtitlán)

05. Planet Of The Dead

06. Persona Non Grata

07. Suicide Bombshell

08. Me, Gonzo

09. Brute

10. I Require Death Sentence (We Must Clean House!)



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