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Dexter (2006-2013)


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Ok je Dekster, ali vise mi se dopao trailer od same serije... Nije definisano to da li je on psihopata ili ne..



Sto se Ice-truck Killera tice, znala sam 2 epizode pred kraj da mu je brat u pitanju.


U sustini ideja je super, ali moze jos malo da se razradi...


dargo nam je zbog tebe sto si izuzetno pametno stvorenje, al sto sjeba dozivljaj ovima sto nisu odgledali kraj serijala :confused:

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Obe knjige mogu da se nadju u Platou u Knezu, prevod je dobar, ali knjige nisu nesto, narocito kada se citaju posle gledanja serije. Dobro je sto ce drugi serijal biti nezavisan, jer prica i nije neka.

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krenula druga sezona





i to odmah 2 epizode...jupiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


Nije krenula jos,tek u septembru,to je samo leak,kojih navodno ima 4.

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Dexter S02E02 PREAIR DVDRip XviD-SiTV [eztv]


Pre air just means it's out (way) before it's intended premiere.

It mostly means it is a leaked copy of the actual, finished episode. Often a copy of promotional discs they sent out to the media.


real real really real yup and having just watched it, It's great quality


If I remember right Showtime (the channel that airs Dexter, Weeds, ect..in the US anyway) has a special membership plan

(for more $$) were you can see shows before they air them to the general subscribers. I believe several episodes of "Weeds" got out early because of this.



meni su obe na 80ak % :)

ali to je to ;)

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