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fino zvuci, kvalitet snimka i produkcija mi se svidjaju, vokal mi je fin zato sto nije grawl vec vise nesto izmedju grubljeg skrima i starih thrash vokala...


imate podrsku od DaggerSpawn ekipe 111


ko da sam vec negde cuo ovo ;) al neka ionako volim old school pa nikad dovoljno

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Ajd ovaj info da se prosledjuje, ako znate koga da bi mogao raditi:


Hi ,


I´m looking for shows in your country Serbia, we´re a band from Spain called Kathaarsys, extreme progressive acustic blablabla


Is our 6ºEuropean tour; we´ll present our 4º album "INTUITION"; can you help us to arrange a date??

We only have free days 19th 20th 21th April, the rest is complete... we have a show 10April Kikinda + 11April Dvoriste Novi Sad...


We traveled with all the backline, is possible to share with other bands,,,

We´re only 3, a place for sleep would be great, nothing special;

Diesel: if is possible some money for pay the diesel of the van between the distances in the days to play, would be great...


thanks for your time, Adrian (Kathaarsys) www.myspace.com/Kathaarsys



email: [email protected]

tlf: +0034 635105608



Znaci, u principu traze samo nesto goriva, dakle nikakva cifra je u pitanju, plus nose svoju opremu, samo prenociste za trojicu.


Pa ako zna ko kojeg lokalnog organizatora, mozda Beograd da uleti, ili jos neko mesto u Vojvodini...

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