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Aesthetic Empathy


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Pod ovim imenom i sastavom su tu nekad od 2006., mada su svirali pod drugim imenom (Kursk) i drukčijom postavom prije tog.


Album "Definement" je gotov i na njemu se nalazi 11 pjesama. Promocijai svirke bi trebale krenuti nekad ubrzo. Inače, moj omiljeni metal bend iz Bosne i Hercegovine i kolege.


U bendu je šest ljudi, raspoređeni narelaciji Novi Travnik-Sarajevo:


Samir Džuzdanović - vokali

Mahir Bajrić - vokali

Branislav Kašćel - gitara

Saša Naprta - gitara

Damir Opalka - bas

Stefan Komljenović - bubnjevi



Tek su napravili myspace benda i stavili tri pjesme sa nadolazećeg albuma. Ovo je meni najbolje ostvarenje nekog modernog metal benda ikad na ovim prostorima... Čovječe, koja zrelost, rifovi, vokali, riječi,... jednostavno perfekcija.


Tag: modern melodic death metal/melodic metalcore. Za fanove bendova kao što su KsE, All That Remains, noviji In Flames i Soilwork itd. Perfekcija!!!




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Aesthetic Empathy - Transcendental Skill


Such burdens are heavy as stone

A grip makes cold the air

A momentum of the worlds to hold

What makes sure gold is there?


Forever in the flow

A moment to inhale

A piece of unique warmth

What makes sure peace is there?



Or leaving?

A sweetness so deceiving


So it holds me back

It's so natural

Rip off the gift and live in peace

It stabs me in the back

It's commonsense to all

Give up your youth but grow with ease


I'm spinning again around the edge

I'm spinning again around the edge


A remarking instinct

Cursing the strength of knowledge in me

A mocking skill

The ignorance is bliss for the tired in me


Deviant needs to grasp

No thoughts. No faith. No answers. No questions.

Remind me to

Just give up the throne of madness


I bend with shoulders sore


Reasons eat its flowers grown


Faith bends before reason

A Harmony like never before


I revoke this middle way

(Define me)

It's definement that still defines you

Never the opposite

There is never reason enough but you

(Define me)

To choose right


Here comes the groveling wind of encouragment

Such a strong embodyment of a way

Purpose, so close to have

Knowledge, in a blink to have

But reason with the morning left

My faith laughs within the doubts to break


It should be easy

To understand this world


Ako vam se dopada, ostavite lajk i komentar na video.

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