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Ae nakachi neki linAk za nas jadnike :)

aj sad cu da probam da nadjem ;)


Staind - The Singles 1996-2006


IPB Image


ARTiST: Staind

TiTLE: The Singles 1996-2006

LABEL: Atlantic


TiME: 72:44 min

SiZE: 110,4 MB


RiP DATE: Nov-10-2006

RELEASE DATE: Nov-13-2006

WEBSiTE: n/a


Track List:


01. Come Again 03:48

02. Mudshovel 04:42

03. Home 04:06

04. Outside (Family Values Version) 05:41

05. It's Been Awhile 04:26

06. For You 03:26

07. Epiphany 04:16

08. So Far Away 04:04

09. Price To Play 03:36

10. Zoe Jane 04:39

11. Right Here 04:14

12. Falling 04:20

13. Everything Changes (Acoustic Live) 04:24

14. Nutshell (Acoustic Live) 04:39

15. Sober (Acoustic Live) 06:19 <--------------------------OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. Comfortably Numb (Acoustic Live) 06:04






Fanta je najveci kralj :)


Ima u video klubu M2 (Metro film, Grcica Milenka 52, Sumice) dvd:

Staind - MTV Unplugged, pa koga zanima moze da iznajmi.


STAIND - MTV Unplugged (DvDRiP)



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" " " " Veoma dobar bend" " " "


Inače, njihov kvalitet ih je doveo u same vrhove Američkih kazina gde sviraju preplanulim babadeda turistima i redneck-sima koji su došli u godišnju posetu Las Vegasu. Gledao sam na Discovery-ju onu emisiju "American Casino", i doveli Staind...kao biće frke kad počnu da sviraju...ono ništa. Komercijala i to još hotelska.


Staind ali gaće :)


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