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2023.05.13.*KC Grad, Beograd* Mick Harvey, Amanda Acevedo, J.P. Shilo, Sometimes With Others


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“The Invisible Blue Unicorns: A Musical Phantasmagoria with Mick Harvey, JP Shilo & Sometimes With Others"
Mick Harvey is renowned as a musician, record producer and composer who has been active for the last 45 years and is perhaps best known as a member of The Birthday Party and The Bad Seeds and for his long term collaborative work with PJ Harvey and Nick Cave. In 2023 Mick will be presenting material from his new solo album ("Five Ways to Say Goodbye") and an album of duets with Mexican singer Amanda Acevedo, on a series of concerts alongside Berlin’s Sometimes With Others . J.P. Shilo the former Hungry Ghosts member. Hungry Ghosts were an Australian slowcore instrumental group. Sometimes With Others are a musical collective performing a fine mixture of rock, drone, minimalism, jazz and blues - all blended on their debut "Nous” out on Hamburg based art vinyl label Grand Chess. Full details below:
04/05/2023 DE Leipzig Moritzbastei 
05/05/2023 PL Poznan Próżność 
06/05/2023 AT Wien Porgy & Bess 
07/05/2023 DE Munich Rote Sonne 
09/05/2023 IT Bologna Locomotiv 
10/05/2023 IT Montecosaro Teatro Delle Logge 
11/05/2023 IT Torino Spazio 211 
13/05/2023 RS Belgrade KC Grad 
14/05/2023 HR Zagreb Mocvara 
15/05/2023 SI Ljubljana Gala Hala 
17/05/2023 CH Geneva L’Usine 
18/05/2023 CH Martigny Caves du Manoir 
20/05/2023 FR Paris Petit Bain 
21/05/2023 BE Kortrijk Wilde Westen 
22/05/2023 BE Liege Reflektor 
23/05/2023 DE Hamburg Kampnagel 
24/05/2023 DK Copenhagen Loppen 
27/05/2023 CZ Brno Mersey Gathering 4 
28/05/2023 DE Berlin Lido

May be an image of text that says 'THE INVISIBLE BLUE UNICORNS MUSICAL PHANT PHANTASMAGORIA WITH.. MICK HARVEY AMANDA ACEVEDO. J.P SHILO. SOMETIMES WITH 04/5 Moritzbastei, Leipzig DE) 05/5 Poznań(PL OTHERS. 15/5 Gala Hala,Ljubljana(SI) L'Usine, 09/5 10/5 Munich(DE Mgny(CH) Brno(CZ) DE)'

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