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  1. LetTheMetalFlow

    Death / Grind - noviteti

    Muzika je dobra ali ovaj vrišteći melodic core vokal koji se ubacuje kvari sve , zato ih nisam ni hteo skidati kad sam poslušao , naziv pesme baš za nas BALAKNIZED!! Fireborn, new Swedish Death Metal band with members of Entombed, Unleashed, Necropobic, Naglfar. 2 Demo Pesme - https://soundcloud.c...ander-friberg-2 Victor Brandt and LG Petrov (Entombed) have joined forces with A. Impaler (Necrophobic, Naglfar) and Fredrik Folkare (Necrophobic, Unleashed). ”This is a new band that will not conflict with our other bands. Neither will the music sound like them. Expect fast and extreme Death Metal.” states the band. The band is currently getting ready to record a full length album, even though they haven't announced a drummer yet. The band is looking forward to backing up the debut album with touring and festivals. Band page: www.facebook.com/firebornofficial Discipline, Dedication, Death Metal. Fireborn 2014.
  2. LetTheMetalFlow

    Death / Grind - noviteti

    Death Metal / Grindcore Brazil http://www.mediaboom.org/406343-expose-your-hate-indoctrination-of-hate-2014.html
  3. LetTheMetalFlow


    Lost Society - Terror Hunrgy (2014) Speed / Thrash Metal - Finland http://www.mediaboom.org/406283-lost-society-terror-hunrgy-2014.html
  4. LetTheMetalFlow


  5. LetTheMetalFlow

    Death / Grind - noviteti

    Near Death Condition - Evolving Towards Extinction (2014) Death Metal - Switzerland http://www.mediaboom.org/406172-near-death-condition-evolving-towards-extinction-2014.html
  6. LetTheMetalFlow

    Doom preporuke i noviteti

    Doom/Death Metal Russia http://www.mediaboom.org/406069-restless-oblivion-sands-of-time-2014.html
  7. LetTheMetalFlow

    Death / Grind - noviteti

    Miasmal - Cursed Redeemer (2014) Death Metal - Sweden https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm5MHarTBZY http://www.mediaboom.org/405999-miasmal-cursed-redeemer-2014.html
  8. LetTheMetalFlow

    Death / Grind - noviteti

    Da znam za taj cover , dobro je , Evo malo atmosfere sa snimanja novog albuma
  9. LetTheMetalFlow

    Death / Grind - noviteti

    Ne znam da li iko sluša ove Italijane , njihov album iz 1993 ''Inside the Unreal '' mi je vrh Ovo je artwork za novi album '' Metaphysincarnation '' May 6th, 2014
  10. LetTheMetalFlow


  11. LetTheMetalFlow

    Doom preporuke i noviteti

    Doom/Death Metal - Ukraine http://www.mediaboom.org/405757-crypt-of-silence-beyond-shades-2014.html
  12. LetTheMetalFlow

    Metal T-shirts

  13. LetTheMetalFlow

    Death / Grind - noviteti

    Death Metal - US Grim Legion - Unholy Resurrection (2014) http://www.mediaboom.org/405747-grim-legion-unholy-resurrection-2014.html
  14. LetTheMetalFlow

    Death / Grind - noviteti

    Death Metal - Sweden Compilation 2014 http://www.mediaboom...ation-2014.html
  15. LetTheMetalFlow


    Nije baš neki novitet iz prošle godine album ali nije loše , Kolumbijci Speed / Thrash https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFeBcP64Z_A http://www.mediaboom.org/405665-insurrection-necromancer-2013.html