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  1. Ја нигде не видим тему коју треба одобрити, нити сам добио неку нотификацију.
  2. Divlji Tigar


  3. Brave new world je jedini odličan album posle Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Fear of the dark je pristojan album sa jedno 4 do 5 odličnih pesama, ostali su daleko slabiji albumi.
  4. Bombarder - Speed Kill Bombarder - Bez milosti Mgła - Groza
  5. Окупили се и ови, тачније само певачица и бубњар + нова екипа. Први наступ је на Keep It True.
  6. Значи од тебе сам купио на купинду!
  7. Gde baš nađe lager, IPA neka bi bila mnogo bolja.
  8. Divlji Tigar


    Wolf releases a new album in 2020 and introduces new members! Swedish metallers WOLF will finally return with a new studio album! Entitled "Feeding the Machine", you can expect this heavy metal monument to be released on Century Media Records March 13, 2020 AD. The long awaited album will feature new band members Johan Koleberg on drums and Pontus Egberg on bass guitar. “Feeding The Machine” is being produced by WOLF's Simon Johansson at SolnaSound Production and will be mixed by Fredrik Nordström of Studio Fredman. The artwork once again has been painted by legendary artist Thomas H
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