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  1. 1. The Stone - Kosturnice 2. Desaster - Churches Without Saints 3. Iron Maiden - Senjutsu 4. Artillery - X 5. Wolves In The Throne Room - Primordial Arcana 6. Portrait - At One with None 7. Alda - A Distant Fire 8. Trna - Istok 8. Darkthrone - Eternal Hails 10. Wooden Throne - Under The Moon They Wander Until Fading Away 11. Vulture - Dealin' Death 12. Crystal Viper - The Cult 13. Helloween - Helloween 14. Aara - Triade I : Eos 15. Marta Gabriel - Metal Queens 16. Pharaoh - The Powers That Be 17. Accept - Too Mean To Die 18. Пустош - Сутон 19. Смрт - Крв и пепео 20. The Night Eternal - The Night Eternal
  2. Одличан албум.
  3. Odličan album! Meni možda i najbolji post reunion posle BNW, u rangu TBOS, mada TBOS me nije ovako oduševio na prvo slušanje! Prvih 5 pesma su odlične, kao i "Death Of the Celts"
  4. Ali opet mnogo bolja nego većine sa DOT,AMOLAD,TFF.
  5. NEW SURPRISE SINGLE AND VIDEO ONLINE – NEW LINE UP REVEALED! It has been some difficult weeks for us since Mike left the band in March, we apologize for the delay and the late statements. We kept on working hard, so we can present you the future of DESTRUCTION. We have a pre-album single and video for you with "STATE OF APATHY” also available as a 12 inch vinyl in September. We welcome our front of house soundguy, tourmanager, good friend and producer Martin Furia in our team - please give him a very warm welcome! He is part of our family for many years! We are wishing all the very best to Mike, please read all statement below! The new record is almost recorded, more news about that soon! Check out the brand-new video: https://youtu.be/-62qSa5efOo The single will be available on all streaming portals, the 12 inch can be pre-ordered on NAPALMs mailorder: https://napalmrecords.com/english/destruction DESTRUCTION’s SCHMIER about the new single “State Of Apathy”: “The last two years have been testing times for all of us. We are all sad to announce that Mike has left DESTRUCTION. It all was a shock and hit us hard but nevertheless there was never any doubt that we will continue as a band. We are a strong unit and are proud to welcome our new guitarist, Martin Furia, to the band! Our chemistry is great since Martin has been a part of the DESTRUCTION family for many years now. He is the perfect new man on the axe - the first shows have been a fucking blast! ‘State Of Apathy’ shows the direction DESTRUCTION will go with the new record: more ‘back-to-the-roots’, more guitars, more in your face! This band is my life and we will always give 100% to keep the spirit alive. I hope you love the new single as much as we do - thanks for all the support! We are wishing Mike the best for his future, for us there is only one way to go THRASH TILL DEATH!” Ex-Guitarist Mike about parting ways with DESTRUCTION: “It´s hard to leave a band after 39 years. Destruction is my life and something like my baby. But somtimes you have to take desicions that hurt. I´m very sad at the moment, but if something doesn´t feel right anymore, better stop doing it. Thanx to all former bandmates. I´m very proud about the music we have created together. Cheers to all thrashers out there. Without your support and your passion, Destruction would not exist. Peace.” DESTRUCTION’s new guitarist, Martin Furia, on joining the band: “The news is finally out and I have mixed emotions. I’m extremely proud to be part of this legendary band since 2016 as sound technician and tour manager, I’ve been all over the world with the DESTRUCTION family and they have always treated me like another member of the band. I’m sad to see Mike go because I love him and respect him as a person and guitarist, but when I was asked if I would like to be the new guitarist of DESTRUCTION I didn’t hesitate for a second. I feel ready to honor Mike’s legacy, to add my own touch and I will give my best to keep the flame of DESTRUCTION burning strong forever, with deep respect and devotion for the past and with full energy and commitment for the future!
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