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lemmy sixx

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lemmy six je napisao :

Ima ja \"Kill fuck die\".Nije to stvar u snimku,negu su totalno zajebali produkciju na toma albumu.


Zato i pitam,jer u odnosu na druge albume ovaj je malo losije snimljen pa kad sam ga dobio pomislio sam pored toga da nije moj snimak los.Inace album je stvarno dobar.Nije u klasicnom WASP fazonu.

Ali Blackie ima glas samo tako.Mnogo je dobar.

Hvala lemmy na informaciji.

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karlo je napisao:

Ne, nisam uspeo da nadjem taj album.


Ako hoces mogu da ti dam ovaj moj disk pa ga presnimaj ili sta hoces,ili mozes da mi das prazan disk pa da ti snimim Kill,Fuck,Die i sta god jos hoces od njih,ako zelis??? :? :? :?

Inace neces se pokajati ako nabavis ovaj album!

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A tatooed madman, I am hell on wheels

Born a wicked child left alone in the fields

My father was the wind, my mother was fire

Raised by the wolves and I grew up wild

A kamikaze man, a hollering banzai

Never crash and burn, never gonna die

Cannibal it's me, you squeal and shout

I chew you up and spit you out

Storms a c-c-coming and it's gonna be me

Here comes Trouble with a capital "T"



Cause I'm a mean motherfucking man,

I gotta scream, that's what I am

All the way, all the way

Cause I'm a mean motherfucking man,

Riding the wind and know I'll be damned

All they way, all the way, all the way


Inace,super su im obrade.Dobra je jos i "Paint it black" od Stones-a.

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Asylums of lost insane

A kiss from some slowly dying face

Two in me, they can't see who they are no, no, no


Sex and death and the american west

Fuck us all, farewell to flesh

I want you, I want to, I want to kill you

Wanna kill your pretty face, kill your pretty face


Come on give me a little piece of death

The darkened heart inside the self

To lives to sleep, to dies awake

Kill your pretty, kill your pretty face

Kill your pretty face


Joj lemmy izgleda da mi fali jos samo Still not Black i imam sve od njih.

Uh samo da nadjem jos to sad.gifohmy.gif 8O biggrin.gif:mrgreen:

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