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Arsonists Get All The Girls

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ne znam, uvek je bilo mnogo lakse korovcima da izgledaju normalo, svakako najgore su uvek izgledali metalci sa kratkom kosom koji nisu znali da slemuju, a sad je nekako stigla ta nova rasa metalcore likova koji nisu ni dovoljno opusteni da ih boli kurac kao korvci pravi i da ispadnu kul na taj nacin, nit znaju da slemuju kako treba, i tu se desi taj neki monstrumni hibrid na nekom "crab metal" sranju, ti sto djuskaju kao onaj 30 godisnji brat od ujaka sa down sindromom sto mu se uvek prikenja na svadbama sto skace kao retardirana divlja koza i insistira da se prikljuci kolu iako samo gazi ljude i neprekidno prdi.




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Santa Cruz, California-based progressive hardcore/death metallers ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS have set "Motherland" as the title of their fourth album, due on May 17 via Century Media Records. The CD was recorded at Castle Ultimate studios in Fremont, California with producer Zack Ohren (AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK, ALL SHALL PERISH)


"Motherland" track listing:


01. Rise to Fall

02. Neck of the Contrast

03. Gooseknuckle

04. It was a Memoir

05. Dr. Teeth

06. Avdotya

07. Waiting for the War to Die

08. West Cliffs

09. Hemlock Like This

10. Woebegone

11. Our Super Symmetry

12. Will Someone Please Turn Down the Ocean?

13. Tempest


Commented vocalist Jared Monnette: "This record is packed with a metric shit-ton of different sounds, directions, styles and grind. We've really tried to incorporate a new sound while keeping the important elements of ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS, while letting the past year and half's experience and stories of tour steer the rest of the album.


"We've been through quite a bit in the recent year, and it's almost impossible to not incorporate all of our travel tales into the new sound. Every song has something special to offer, or a new story to tell that allows anyone listening a temporary escape. If it's not the first song that you'll enjoy, then it will be the next.


"We've taken the next step in progressing our music, and it may be the first into a full sprint."


ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS will debut new music from "Motherland" when it headlines the "Return To The Motherland Tour" with A PLEA FOR PURGING, LIONHEART, THE CONTORTIONIST and VOLUMES starting on April 18 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS' last album, "Portals", was released in July 2009 via Century Media Records.


For a list of upcoming ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS shows, go to www.myspace.com/agatg.



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