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Neurosis is an Progressive Sludge Metal band with elements of indie/industrial/crust plus influences ranging from hardcore punk and sludge metal to dark ambient, industrial, and tribal music. The group is based out of Oakland, California, USA and is regarded as the originator of the post-metal genre


ha...progressive sludge metal...svidja mi se nova etiketa koju su im dali...


Za one koji ne znaju ko je ovaj bend...well to je prvi post metal bend koji je uticao na sve ove novije "avantgarde" bendove...znaci isis,mastodon,pelican,cult of luna itd svi su oni naveli neurosis kao glavni influence...imaju par losih ploca..imaju par odlicnih...poslednjih par dana slusam samo Enemy of the sun...iako imam taj album vec par godina nisam se do sada cimao da ga poslusam,i naravno album otkida koliko je dobar...


Prva dva albuma neki hc..posle toga pocinje ovaj "progressive sludge metal"....imaju i dosta folk elemenata.


nema razloga vise da pricam...svi ionako znate ko su...




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Ste videli sta pise na MyS-u njiovom? Odavno je napisano, ali odavno nije ni bilo teme...


Neurosis members have been seen in and around the Neurot offices and the studio. Those of us at NR have heard the sounds. It's heavy. Even for Neurosis.




At last report, according to Scott Kelly, the new album will be the heaviest thing since Through Silver In Blood. That's straight from the source.

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Long-running Oakland, California-based industrial/alternative/metal pioneers NEUROSIS will release their new album, "Given to the Rising", on May 8 via Neurot Recordings. The band began recording the effort in December at Electrical Audio studio in Chicago with producer Steve Albini. "[We are] forging some strange, noisy psychedelic territory that is pretty disturbing," guitarist and singer Steve Von Till told MTV.com at the time. An advance MP3 from the CD will be made available on March 8.


"Given to the Rising" track listing:


01. Given To The Rising

02. Fear & Sickness

03. To The Wind

04. At The End Of The Road

05. Shadow

06. Hidden Faces

07. Water Is Not Enough

08. Distil (Watching The Swarm)

09. Nine

10. Origin

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