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Da li je neko slushao ovaj bend? Malo je reci da su izuzetni...





About Transgression

Transgression was formed in early 1992 in Fredericksburg, Virginia with the intentions of writing and performing the old school thrash we grew up listening to. The german bands like Kreator, Destruction and Sodom and the US bands like Slayer and Metallica. Originally the band was a three piece with John Wood(bass/vocals) Danny Carter(Drums) and Ray Cole(guitars). Transgression wrote nine original songs and immediateley started playing shows in the Virginia area. Shortly after, the band decided its sound needed a bit more, and Buck Sutton(guitar) was added to the lineup. This brought on the guitar harmony lines to the music, resulting in a more complex, interesting sound with dark overtones. This was the Transgression sound. After increasing its set list, Transgression started back on the show circuit with a vengeance. Performing shows with Morbid Angel, Dissection, At The Gates, Kreator in addition to headlining their own shows all along the eastern seaboard with the climax, playing seven shows at the world famous, CBGBs in New York. In 1997, Transgression released "Dead Wisdoms." An eleven song disc that was soon picked up by Nuclear Blast Records for a developement deal as Transgression hit the road again to support the new disc. After a seven year hiatis, Transgression is presently writing new material for release in the winter of 2006.


John Wood - Bass/Vocals, Danny Carter - Drums, Ray Cole - Lead Guitars Buck Sutton - Rhythm Guitars

Influences Transgression gets its influences from all the forms of metal combined, but tries to keep its sound to old school thrash. Bands like Kreator, Destruction, the early Slayer stuff. We take the interesting aspects of the early thrash influences, then add a little of the death metal influences we all were exposed to, to add the slower parts to the songs that make the crowds want to rip each other apart. All these influences contribute to the Transgression sound.

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Poseti njihovu stranicu na www.myspace.com/transgressionusa

sve ce ti se kazat' samo ... shalu na stranu, slucajno smo naleteli jedni na druge :) i uzasno mi se dopala njihova muzika.


Imaju dobro misljenje o Srbij :)

btw, zainteresovani su da sviraju na nashim festivalima, koliko sam uspela da shvatim ali sada rade nove stvari.

... poslali su mi i CD, ko je zainteresovan mogu da narezem... i na my space-u imate nekoliko pesama.

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Stavljala njihove pesme na moj space, posto su mi se dopale. I oni se ponudishe da posalju CD.

Ostalo je history :)



Blago tebi kad imas vremena za sve to...Podsecas me na sebe krajem 90-ih... :pivopije:


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Slazem se da svako ima svoje favorite, ali ovaj bend od '97, nista nije izdao...

Čuo sam za njih ranije, ali nisu ništa posebno...a i koliko im treba da izdaju taj drugi album, dovoljno pokazuje kolika su im ulaganja u bend, i koliko se trude oko istog.


i ovo im je aktuelni spejs: http://www.myspace.com/nightsblood324


btw. poslušaj Detroitski ''Syrant''.

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