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Pro-Pain is a New York-based hardcore/groove metal band formed in 1991 by vocalist and bass guitarist Gary Meskil and drummer Dan Richardson, both former members of Crumbsuckers.








udrite! :)


Legendary New York metal/hardcore outfit PRO-PAIN is proud to be celebrating its twentieth year in existence in 2011.


PRO-PAIN now proudly unveil the details for a special release designed specifically in celebration of their twenty-year anniversary; the massive CD/DVD combo appropriately titled "20 Years Of Hardcore".




"20 Years Of Hardcore" track listing:




New tracks:


01. Damnation

02. Hands In The Jar

03. Someday Bloody Someday

04. True Liberation


Re-recorded tracks:


05. Foul Taste Of Freedom 2011

06. Make War (Not Love) 2011

07. Denial 2011

08. Shine 2011


Cover track:


09. Keine Amnestie für MTV




:pivopije: Beograd Concert - SKC 1998: :pivopije:


01. Shine

02. Make War (Not Love)

03. State Of Mind

04. The Stench Of Piss

05. Life's Hard

06. Get Real

07. Time

08. Foul Taste Of Freedom

09. Crush

10. Box City

11. Blood Red

12. Bad Blood


Live at With Full Force:


01. Casualties Of War - 2002

02. UnAmerican - 2005

03. Fuck It - 2007


Live at Lausitzring 2005:


01. Neocon

02. One World Ain't Enough

03. Left For Dead

04. Life's Hard

05. Get Real


Fan-filmed footage:


01. Iraqnophobia 1993

02. Johnny Black 1996

03. Act Of God 1999

04. Smokin' Gun 1999

05. Implode 2005


* Rare clips from the vault: A montage of old rare footage


* Official promo video: "Down For The Cause"

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Ako je iz '98-e onda to i jeste Jaci od mrznje, '99-e je bio Jaci od mrznje II, kad je pao onaj odvratan sneg pa za malo da koncert bude otkazan. Taj je bio ok al ovaj iz '98-e je bilo kidanje. Moram to imati, visio sam na binu ko sumanut. Vrteo se dosta po televiziji taj snimak

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