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Znamo koja su krajnja vremena došla kada Hrvatski bend mora da izda za domaću izdavačku online kuću svoj prvenac.

Iza jako zajebanog omota se krije jedna ambijentalna postrock i psihodelična slika jedne pesme.

Sve je to što ste već čuli nekada, ali dođavola kako šije produkcija (Mark Mrakovčić, producirao pola Hrvatske scene, radi dobar posao, čak i sa polu bendovima) i da li zbog ovog prevrtljivog vremena ovakav album mi baš pasuje.

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mantric theater / trance poetry
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"Music and poem recitation conjoined in a specific unity, convergence of a variety of moods and both musical and poetical motifs, uncommon playing with the relations between words and sounds: Plava Lily (Blue Lily), the joint project of Čakovec-based band Zagušljivi dim and young poetess Tina Čatlaić, is an album whose aim is to prove that different kinds of art can work together in harmony and to draw the listener into a world of emotions, poetic images and various stories told not only by the poetess, but by the musicians too."

Debut ritual sonic&poetry masterpiece collaboration!
FREE DOWNLOAD incl. booklet bonus item.

PMK Records 2020

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