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Mozda text ima skriveno znacenje koje ce otkriti neki zaludeli fan koji ga cita 24h dnevno, a mozda ce znaciti nesto kad izadje ceo album. Ipak je to Tool.


A mozda su jednom i napisali direktan text, koji je i tako dobar.

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vojvoda opleo rafale po neprijateljskim timpanima

hahaha poginuo sam :haha: to je to SUSTINA!

Possible Track References


* Vicarious means either "experienced or gained through someone else" or "done on behalf of others".

* "Vicarious" is about living life vicariously through your television.

* Jambi is the name of a province of Indonesia.

* "Marie" is the middle name of Maynard James Keenan's deceased mother, Judith Marie Keenan.

o As Keenan explains on commentary on aMOTION, his mother suffered a stroke that left her in partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. The length of time between her paralysis and her death was 27 years, or approximately 10,000 days. [5]

* It was recently revealed in an Adam Jones interview with Guitar World that one of the lyrics on the album to the song "The Pot" is "Who are you to wave the finger?" Jones confirmed the meaning of the lyric as the "pot calling the kettle black".

* The Lipan are an Apache tribe, known as the "Tall Grass People".

* An April 7 post on toolband.com specifically mentions Dr. Albert Hofmann, the "father" of LSD, stating that on that date he synthesized LSD.

* The Rosetta Stone is a granite stone found in Egypt; the stone was the key to deciphering the hieroglyphs; it was also used as a pseudonym for children's author Dr. Seuss.

* "Viginti Tres" is Latin for "Twenty Three" - the number has a lot of historical, mathematical, and occult significance, as well as in American slang, where "23 skidoo" means to leave a place quickly.


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